Nintendo Switch: Joy Con and Pro Controller features

The latest Nintendo portable game console Switch comes with an attractive controllers with many useful features. The Joy Con can be purchased in different colors and if you don’t like the small pads, then you can simply change to the Pro-Controller. What functions / features you expect in Nintendo Switch new controllers, we will show you below.

Joy-Con: Controller and Accessories

The Joy-Con should actually be called the Joy-Cons, as there are two parts. These are attached to one side of the console when not in the Nintendo Switch Station. However, there are other accessories that you can combine with the controller. These include:

Wrist Strap
Joy-Con Grip
Joy-Con Steering Wheel

Why you need the Strap and the Steering Wheel is understandable. But what is the Joy-Con Grip? This allows you to connect both controllers to create a single pad, or something similar to a pad. In this way you can use the two Joy-Cons similar to a classic controller. Since both Joy-Cons have a complete key set, they can also be used separately. So if you put the controller into the left hand and the right hand, you can also use them completely independently of each other.

A great new feature in a Nintendo console is the capture of pictures and videos (the video recording function is added later), with a small button on the controller. So you are finally able to record and share your gameplay on a Nintendo console. For fans of colors there is also good news, because the Joy-Con appears in three different colors and can also be combined in a variety of colors. If you also want to scan your amiibo figures, the controller has an interface.

The integrated infrared motion camera can register the distance, the movement and the outline of objects, which in games designed for a lot of fun provides. Special attention can be given to the vibrating function of the controller, because this should be very precise. It should be possible to see whether there are one, two or three ice cubes in a glass when they collide.

Pro Controller as an Alternative

If the Joy-Con is not for you, then you can switch to the Pro- Controller. To the Pro controller there is no further information. It is also clear that it also contains the vibration function, the amiibo scanner, motion control functions and much more. As soon as we have new information on this topic, we will supplement it on this page.