Paladins: best champions (tanks) for beginners - guide

If you are still new to Paladins video game and don’t really know what character you should choose at the beginning? Then this guide is just right for you. Here, we show you the best four champions, who are easy to learn and easy for you to get into Paladins.

So far there are 20 characters available but only 8 heroes are available to the beginner. The rest of the champions can be unlocked by paying 5,000 gold or 200 crystals. There is no rotation of free champions. From these eight freely available heroes, we have selected a champion of every class suitable for beginners.


Victor is self-explanatory, and most of all players with experience in first-person shooters like CoD, are likely to learn it quite quickly. Victor is the classic soldier with fat wags and hand grenades. With your Storm Rifle, you can shoot at your enemies.

If you take a closer look at your goals, you only slow down, but you also get more accuracy. If the Stormfire with the rifle is not enough, you can still throw a splinter grenade to kill your enemies. As a bonus, enemies hit by the grenade receive additional damage for four seconds.

With Victor, you can always get into the hustle or bustle of dangers. With its ability to "crush" the solitary wolf gets more than twice the running speed. With Victor's ultimate ability, "Artillery Shot", you get even more damage from your rifle and cause a thousand damage to your opponents.

Why is Victor a good offensive hero for Paladins beginners?

Victor is a champ with simple mechanics, who can do a lot of damage. Just take the storm gun and shoot in the direction of your opponents. You don’t have to be particularly good with Victor to be useful to your team.

If you don’t want the soldier, Cassie would be a good recommendation for a friendly, offensive champion. The woman with the crossbow is easy to learn but difficult to master.


Fernando has chosen himself as a knight. He comes with a massive life board and massive shield, behind which your entire team can protect themselves against enemy bullets.

Fernando is a man who is quick to help his team - or a virgin - and therefore comes with a dash, a rush. His Dash ability allows him to quickly move forward and quickly reposition himself. Every knight needs a lance, of course! Fernando's lance works like a flamethrower, matching his hot temperament. You can also throw a fireball with the knight.

Fernando's Ultimate Ability "Immortal" is a true life guard. His ultimate ability allows you and your team-mates not to fall below 1,500 lifetimes for four seconds.

Why is Fernando a good tank for Paladins beginners?

Fernando's job is quite simple and clear. If you want to roll in with the whole team, activate your shield and offer your team protection. If you plan a group attack, you can simply make your team with your Ultimate Ability immortal or use it as a last option.


Pip is a champion who stolen the liquid fire from the iron shrine to turn it into profit. With his new, fiery equipment he wants to make a name for himself in "Crosswind Hold" before the alchemists of the Iron Shrine catch him.

The fire screen is a mobile support with a good "all-round" package. With his various potions that he throws around, you are able to heal your team and harm your enemies. In addition to the damage and healing, Pips "Explosive Pistons" slows down all hit opponents. You must never be in the center of the battle with Pip, and you can quickly escape dangerous situations with his weightlessness. He lets you jump higher.

With his ultimate ability, "Evil Mojo" turns your opponent into small chickens with only 1,500 vital points for four seconds. You also can take 200 damage.

Why is Pip a good support for Paladins beginners?

Pip comes with the entire support package and you can decide if you want to heal yourself or your team. It is possible to stay with him always, which increases your survival.


Skye Loves, in contrast to most Assassins, the attention and likes to focus. There is a rumor about the fact that she can break men's hearts with one glance.

She has something of a black widow, so it is not surprising that she works with poison. The Assassin in Purple uses a poison bolt, which you can fire three times in a row. For every bolt taken, the damage increases by 5%. Skye has attached small crossbows to her wrists, which cause little damage to the opponents.

With Skye, you become masters of camouflage! You can make yourself invisible with her for a while and create a cloud of darkness, the opponents' visibility fogging. With your ultimate "Time Bomb" ability, your 3,000 damage deals at a blow and destroys all shields.

Why is Skye a good flanker for Paladins beginners?

As a flanker, you have the part of sneaking through or behind the opposing team while attacking your support and tanks. There you can surprise them in the heat of the battle. With Skye, you can do it in a more secure way by simply making yourself invisible. Your abilities are not difficult to understand. It still remains an art to recognize the right moment when you can safely get behind the opposing team. But this applies to all flankers.