Paladins: what's new in Update OB41

The developer Studio Hi-Rez has released the new update OB41 for Paladins. The patch is now available for download and the file is about 1.3 GB in size.

- The update comprising new skins to Code Green Viktor and Genie Ying.
- There are new weapons and emotes for the champions.
- The item "Cauterize" has been adapted and now has duration of 1.5 seconds and no more 2. If you have several "cauterize" these will no longer form stacks. Many players have so far regarded "Cauterize" as too strong.
- Probably the most important thing: A new card comes to Paladins, the Stone Keep.

The developer takes the "Epic and Legendary Founder’s Pack" out of the game. Instead, Daily and Weekly get quests. With these, you can win bonus gold by taking on challenges such as First Win of the Day in the Daily Quest. With the Weekly Quests you have to do more specific tasks like playing 2 games as a flanker. The bonus is also higher.

Other adjustments: Players are no longer put into Combat mode by using sprays. And the animations of Evie Soar, Getting Pulled and Androxus Ultimate should no longer be fixed with the patch.

Siege Mode

In the Siege mode, your team will now get 300 credits if you take an Objective. If you successfully defend a payload push, there are no credits left.

Payload Mode

Here you start with 1000 credits, before it was 400. Per second, the credits were increased from 1 to 2.


For supporters, there was a big change that should have a lot of influence on the game and the choice of the role. As a support, your ultimates will be charged with healing by your team.


- Barik - Increased life-line
- Fernando - Fix MvP-Pose
- Grohk - Increased healing
- Sha Lin - Fix Impaler Arrow
- Skye - Increased ammunition „Wrist Crossbow
- Tyra - Increased life-line
- Viktor - Fix MvP-Pose
- Ying - Fix Convention 2017 Skin

New Map: Stonekeep

You can only play Stonekeep in Siege mode. In the middle of the card is a takeover point and the base of the teams is at the opposite end. In StoneKeep you will complete Stealth Grass, which will make you invisible to your enemies. StoneKeep reminds of a fairy-tale castle and is held in fantasy style.