Resident Evil 7: Fix game won’t start and other bug issues

The latest entry in the Resident Evil game series, Resident Evil 7, is now available but unfortunately with some errors. Some players complain that they cannot stream the game through the PS4, Xbox One players cannot access the Season Pass, and the PC players don’t even able to start the game. The range of different errors and bug issues go quite a long way. To make sure the frustration does not get too high and you can start the horror game faster, we listed the known bugs and problems with the game.

Resident Evil 7 does not start, freezes or jerks on Windows 10

If RE 7 does not start up properly under Windows 10, it often helps if you update your graphical drivers with the latest. Furthermore, there are currently problems with the connection to the DRAM server, so the game may not start. Unfortunately, at this point: there is no fix.

In the installation folder of RE7 you can find a folder named CommonRedist. This is an installer for a current version of DirectX. Remove it and hopefully the game will run.

If your image freezes for seconds, you can try to disable the shadow cache. Some players have problems with lags, which always occur when you are close to a surprising event in the game. Disable the appropriate cache and you have the chance for play more without lags.

Problems with Steam

It may happen that you have installed the game via Steam and as soon as you want to start it, the display will show that the game is started, but nothing happens afterwards. There may be several solutions for this. On the one hand you can search for Resident Evil 7 in your Steam library and go to the settings by right-clicking. Then proceed as follows:

- Go to Local Files
- Browse to Local Files
- Now you get into the installation folder
- Click the re7.exe file to start the game manually.

If it still does not work, you can check if it has the current version of Visual Studio C. The same applies to your Redistributables file from Steam, which can be found and installed manually under Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ ResidentEvil7 \ _CommonRedist \ vcredist \. Just run the vcredist_64.exe file to get it updated.

Another problem is that you get an error because of missing .dll files. (This also applies if the game crashes shortly after the start) In this case, you can try to start the game as an administrator. This either works just by right-clicking or goes into the settings of the exe file and determines that the game is running as an administrator.

Season Pass is not recognized for the Xbox One

There is still a problem that your Season Pass is not recognized. After some players purchased a physical version of the Season Pass from the Xbox Store, they will not appear in their game library. There is currently no exact solution to this problem, so we can only recommend you to contact Microsoft or wait until the problem has been resolved.

Resident Evil 7 cannot be streamed over the PS4

After some players have tried to share their game experience via stream with others, problems occurred. The error message indicates that the selected function is not available with the selected application. You get this error even if other games are easy to stream. The reason for this is that certain regions may still be blocked. Especially players in North America still face the problem, but the streaming will be possible after a while.