Resident Evil 7: survival guide and tips for beginners

The survival in the latest entry in the Resident Evil game series is made difficult due to creepy and powerful enemies. At the same time, ammunition is always tight and often run away is better than the confrontation. So quite like in the first installments of the series. In this guide we will give you some important tips and tricks for the Baker estate.

At the beginning of RE7 you have the choice of difficulty. If you have pre-ordered, you should not go directly on the Madhouse level. If it is too frustrating in the game, you can not change it later and you have to start from scratch. You should also play Resident Evil 7 Demo before the game starts and collect the dirty coin.

Don’t Waste Ammo

In the course of the game, you will have to deal with the individual members of the Baker family. The beginning of the game is still easy, but very soon they want you as leather.
The following tips should help you.

- Don’t waste any ammo at the Bakers (except for boss battles)! If you shoot at Jack Baker, who patrols in the main house and looks for you, you can only make him motionless. So there's no reason why you should hide instead.

- If the Bakers or other enemies discover you, look for a storage space! Here no one can harm you and you are protected, as in previous installments of the series.

Defeat the Molded

The Molded are the standard opponents in the game that are most common. If you want to defeat them efficiently and save ammunition, then always aim at their heads, because body hits don’t cause so much damage to them. In addition, you should always recharge your weapon after a fight, so that you are ready for the next battle with a full magazine. The loading of the weapon in Resident Evil 7 comparatively long, so pay attention to this tip.

Escape and Use Storage Spaces

Battle with enemies should always be avoided in the ideal case. If there is enough space to run past an enemy without any trouble, you should do so.

Enemies always follow you only to a certain point before they move back into their realm. Use the storage space in the game and remember your locations. Here you are always safe from enemies and can breathe.

Blocking attacks (L1 / LB key) is new in RE 7 and can easily be forgotten in the game as a useful feature. Make sure you don’t, because blocking can save you. While some enemies seem to be slow to hit you at times, they are able to overcome the last meters, but they cannot move. Then move your arms up to block. Although you still get some damage, you significantly reduce it by blocking. If you are unhappy about the outcome of a fight, because you have suffered too much damage or wasted ammo, load a game. The game also has a lot of automatic save points on Easy.

Exploration and Inventory Management Have Become Important Again

Just as in the first parts of the Resident Evil series, you should turn every stone in the areas and check everything double and triple, so as not to miss any object. So make sure you always have enough ammunition and healing (chemicals).

You should also regularly empty your inventory. There are usually the object boxes in storage spaces, where your extra ballast can be unloaded. You should do this especially when you are about to enter a new area. By the way, you can access your items from each box in the game, no matter which box you originally unloaded. Please note the following tips for Inventory management.

- Do not underestimate the importance of the knife! Especially at the beginning it is important, because you have only one gun. In addition, you can use the knife to destroy crates and access their contents. Otherwise, you would have to use valuable ammunition to get the crates up.

- If you have several chemicals in the inventory, you can combine them together to create space in the inventory.

- Also note that certain items are stackable in a certain number. For example, from the first-aid remedy about three pieces fit into an inventory slot, which should be enough in most situations until you reach the next object box for restoration. Use the slots correctly and avoids it, for example, that only one gun shot occupies a whole slot.

- Later on, you will be in possession of several weapons and will not know exactly how many you are going to take. So don’t waste your inventory. In the normal case, you are always good with two weapons, but take at most three and not all of them.

- Regularly check the keys and other story-related items that may unnecessarily fill your inventory and drop them. Look for the map to see if there are still doors that need the key.