Sea of Thieves: multiplayer gameplay / treasure hunting Video

Pirates sail and treasure hunting is also the theme of the next pirate online game Sea of Thieves. The recent released trailer shows how this works. The video also shows how the game plays completely without HUD and UI elements and how this contributes to create an immersive atmosphere.

Co-operative for Treasure Hunting

If you are looking for a treasure, then you should do that together with your friends. For example, to sail a large ship, you need a working crew. Alone, it becomes even more complicated. Because you cannot control the ship at the same time, set the sails, look for the compass, and see the map. This is where your crew comes into play.

While you are at the wheel, someone else tells you where to sail, because he sees this on his compass. The data for this is obtained from a third player who is watching the map and knows in which direction the island is located.

But simply sailing is not good, because the treacherous waters. Your maps don’t show all the rocks and the seagulls, so you should always plan a safe and safe route. Once you have reached the island, you land, look for the treasure there and dig it out before you swallow it. After all, you buy a lot of rum to celebrate your success and build your ship together before you find a way to find new treasures.

Also other pirates want to have treasures

But beware: on the way, you could meet other pirate crews who want to snatch you away from the treasure. This can lead to action-packed naval battles or duels, which are also useful for a well-functioning and well-trained team.

Sea of Thieves is scheduled to release this February for Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One.