Tales of Berseria: Farm Katz Spirits and Open Cat Boxes

In Tales of Berseria, to open Katz Boxes you need to collect Katz Spirits. Since there are many Katz Boxes in the game, you will also need many Katz spirits to open them all.

Magilou, the main character in the game, tells you at the beginning of the game that her Katz should be considered a special kind of malak. In Katz boxes you’ll find trapped Katz and you can open them with the collected Katz spirits. The little cat tells you that you are rewarded with an item when you free a cat from the box. About every second katz crate keeps something for you ready. So don't be surprised if a cat jumps out of a box when you open it and leave nothing. These are empty boxes and it is not a bug. But how can you collect enough Katz souls to open all chests?

Farm Katz Spirits

To open all chests, you will need many katz spirits. This may be that it now has a deterrent effect on you. But only the calm - you can easily farm the souls of the cat-malak. The reward for the free of a kitty is cosmetic. The first thing you'll get is a cowboy hat. In this way, you can give the characters a special look. This is how you get the shining balls.

- Find an area where there is a large collection of cat ghosts.
- Already at the beginning, when you are in Helvisa, you will find some of them.
- The trick is to leave the area briefly and return right away.
- The souls re-spawn in the same place and can be collected again.

Now you should not spend your entire time cultivating cat-spirits, but it is always good to be prepared for a box. The chests hide mostly behind difficult-to-access passages. Investigate every corner of an area and see if there are hidden ladders, large destructive rocks or the like that will reveal a new path to you. As soon as we have discovered the details of all the Katz boxes, we will expand this article.