The Division 1.5: Dark Zone best build (Solo) / loot farming

In The Division, the Dark Zone is the PvP/PvE area, where each character can decide whether he wants to target the weapon against other characters and escape.

In principle, it is a bad idea to walk into the Dark Zone at the early in the game. Because when you come across a group of opponents, you rarely come out alive again. Also the PvE opponents, especially in the north of the Dark Zone, are solo difficult to defeat.

However, many agents walk into the dark zone alone - after all, the friends are not always online to support you. As you are living alone in this life hostile area, and what farm tips are there? In the video of below you can see the tips:

Loot Farming Tips

If you are traveling in group, you can efficiently find loot by cleaning your landmark or by picking up other agents at pick-up points. As a solo agent you cannot take this risk:

- Instead, search your loot in areas of the dark zone that don’t have a marker.

- Ignore landmarks: Even if you think you are well equipped - especially in the northern areas the opponents are difficult to eliminate. In addition, it can happen that suddenly another group of opponents emerges behind you and makes life difficult for you. Furthermore, landmarks attract other agents and who knows what they are doing with a solo agent.

- Keep away from other agents. As a solo agent, you always have a disadvantage against agents who are traveling in the group.

- Loot in contaminated areas: These are unmarked and have named bosses. In addition, you will find many boxes and division tech.

Your agent can have four character talents active at the same time, especially for the DR as a solo agent:

Critical Save: Use medication when a low health to increase the damage resistance by 40% for 10 seconds.

Precision: In a headshot the opponent is marked for 10 seconds (with impulse effect).

In Movement: Eliminates an opponent in motion to get 30% damage resistance for 10 seconds. This effect can also have an effect on rescue medicine.

One is None: If you hit the opponent with a headshot, the 50% chance is that the ball is not consumed. This talent is good to kill enemies with only one magazine. The less you need to reload, the better.


First aid with overdose or doping
Pulse generator: You want to remain undetected as a solo player. This Skill Mod will show you the threats while you are protected from other spur impulses.
Individual / special Skill: Survival Link

When choosing the character build, AlphaBridge-FAMAS does not pass the way, because you can do a lot of damage. But also combinations with banshee are interesting.

To Extract the Loot

If you have your loot, you must first extract it from the Dark Zone. It is bad to do this at pick-up points that are already active. Remain from other agents.

Look for a pick-up point where no other players are running around. For solo agents the pick-up points in DZ04 and 05 are recommended. Use the pulse generator to secure you during the pick-up. If other agents are approaching, run and find another pickup point.