The Division: The best builds after update 1.5

The recent updates for The Division changed the player’s experience completely. For this, the weapons, the gear sets and other areas have been reworked to mitigate the power of some character setups and to upgrade other items - so the agents are more diverse when they build their builds.

Even though this worked in large parts, builds emerged in the last few weeks and months, which are superior to others. First and foremost: AlphaBridge FAMAS. This set allows you to use six different talents on a weapon, provided the primary weapon and secondary weapon are of the same category. Various combinations have been tried out here, like a deadly mix of AlphaBridge and Urban MDR, but AlphaBridge and FAMAS thrive above all.

This build is created with four parts of the AlphaBridge set (Mask, Gloves, Chest and Holster), a special backpack and at best with Barret's bulletproof armor. Take the superior LVOA-C as the primary weapon, and the FAMAS, the Uncomplicated secondary weapon, which increases weapon damage by 15% unless precision and stability modes are applied. Other strong talents are Brutal, Receptive, Competent, Subsequent and Destructive.

The FAMAS Storm gun itself has no outstanding values, only the unique talent is interesting. With AlphaBridge, you can transfer this to another, more powerful Storm Rifle. Now, you are ready to armor and firearms, choose good skills like the Booster Shot and you already have an outstanding build.

D3-FNC - A strong build for PvE

This build around the D3-FNC set can keep up with AlphaBridge dominance in PvE. This set is specialized in the ballistic shield and makes you not only a powerful tank, but also a true DPS machine.

This build is especially interesting for solo agents who run through the activities at the very beginning, but they need to be resistant and deal with much damage. We present this D3-FNC-build in detail.

Other excellent combinations since 1.5:

- 4x Sign of the Predator and 2x Highend: Choose a strong Storm Rifle. You gain 8% Storm Rifle damage, and if you inflict 10 hits on an opponent without changing the target, you inflict damage on him for 50% of the damage inflicted.

- 3x Lonely Hero, 3x Banshee: In addition to the Storm Guns, the Light Machine Guns are currently top. Over time, they are causing a lot of damage and are also very strong on the distance. Lone Hero gives you 100% ammo capacity and 8% LMG damage. Banshee gives 10% damage to targets outside the cover.

- 3x Faithfulness of the Hunter, 3x Banshee: Especially interesting for Sniper: You gain 10% head damage and 10% damage to targets outside the cover.

- Here we show you an exciting healer build, with which every 6 seconds of the skill "First Aid" is possible.

- Finally, we present a strong Firecrest Flame Turret build. This set was introduced with 1.3 and was useless for a long time. Good builds are now possible.