The Division Last Stand / Patch 1.6 - Everything We Know So Far

The latest update 1.6 and Last Stand for The Division will not be a timed - they appear simultaneously on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Both update 1.6 and Last Stand will provide PvE and PvP content. Most PvE content is not yet known, but the community developer for The Division Hamish Bode now gave some information about the PvP activities:

Update 1.6

-There are three new Dark Zone classes come into play: DZ7-9 with the new update. These come free for all players. The Dark Zone is extended to the north.

- The Central Park has not yet been discussed. In short clips, a dark atmosphere was emerging in the North of Dark Zone: one wants to bring more "death" into the Dark Zone. Many body bags are piled up on the streets. It's burning. There are numerous new graffiti. No welcoming place.

- Although "only" three new Dark Zone areas are added, the DR is not expanded by 50%, but by about 100%. You get a double, which is twice as big as before. It goes on roofs, in the subsoil, complete buildings can be entered. From DZ06 the DZ07 can be entered.

This is the "Last Stand" mode

The load level is a structured, object-insulated PvP mode. There is organized PvP within the Dark Zone. Stand-alone sessions, in which the agents compete against each other, in 8v8 battles!

When you start the matchmaking in a group, you are scrambled together with other groups. If you start the game search solo, you only come together with agents who also start solo. Until the session starts, you are in a queue.

Last Stand "is a kind of conquest mode with additional features. There are three zones to be controlled, A, B and C. These call Tactical Locations. There are three objectives in each zone. The zone belongs to you only when you have them in your possession.

More information:

- There is a Respawn. This should be done as fast as the game allows, so you can get back into the fight quickly. You can spawn close to other players.

- Normalization of your Gears: In this PvP mode, the skill should decide, no superior armor. How this fit will work exactly will be tested on the PTS. You need the feedback from the players.

- You can not apostate in "Last Stand" mode. You can not loose any loot. The rewards are only available at the end of matches.

- You don’t run as a Team Red or Team Blue through the area: Your clothes look as good as ever.

- There is a Last Stand rank in which you can ascend.

- Last stand is only the first step, which is independent PvP. There will be more in the future.

- There is also a PvE aspect, you can kill AI opponents in Last Stand to collect points that you can unlock - like the guard tower from the teaser trailer.

- You can revive team mates with medication.

What else does expansion bring?

The DLC introduces a new interface. More detailed information will follow later. In addition to an overlap, there are other PvE content, which will be discussed in the future.