The Division: Last Stand - PvP mode details / guide

In The Division, if a player wanted to compete against other players could only do this in the DZ in which PvP is optional. With Last Stand the developers want to revive the PvP and introduce a stand alone mode, which is designed for players vs. player battles.

As the events in the DZ escalated, the Joint Task Force was forced to retreat. They had to leave important terminals, where data relays with important information are located.

Now, renegade agents want to get these relays into their possession - which would be catastrophic. Therefore, it is now your job to go into the DZ and prevent this.

When Last Stand is played, you are always displayed as division agents and your enemies as the apostates. In other words, you are always the good.

New PvP mode

Last Stand is a PvP mode for 8v8 battles, which plays in the DZ. But you are fighting not in the normal DZ but in separate sessions. Each session lasts a maximum of 20 minutes.

Two teams compete against each other in a kind of conquest mode. Your goal is to transfer enough information from the DZ to win the match.

This is achieved by getting three zones (A, B and C) under control. There are three objectives for each zone. Only when the three objectives of a zone are in your possession, the data transfer starts. You can even control many zones and remove the enemy's zones.

When you grab a zone, you get a new spawn point. This will bring you back into the middle of the action, you should die. Choose your spawn point over the Megamap. The Respawn should go as fast as the load times of the game allow.

During the game, the rules change and you can spell directly with team members - toward the end of the session, the fight is supposed to be more aggressive and faster.

You cannot be apostate in Last Stand. If you die, you will not lose any experience points, currencies, or rewards. So you don’t have to worry about that.

During a session, you are not playing in the entire DZ: it is divided into four different maps (in DZ1-3, DZ4-6, DZ7-8 and DZ8-9). Each map has three zones, each with three targets.

PvE and tactics play an important role

In Last Stand, you’ll not only encounter other agents, but also PvE opponents. These enemies roam the streets and occupy landmarks. They also guard the control zones.

By killing NPCs, you will receive SHD Tech. This is a team resource that allows you to unlock tactical boosts and build fortifications. In your home base, you can activate automatic guns that will help you defend yourself. There are also great impulses to warn you when enemies get too close.

You can activate tactical boost stations with SHD Tech only after you have reached certain milestones. Then, give your team different bonuses, such as faster data transfer or more points when your opponent eliminates. Such a station can only be activated by a team.

However, it is not permanently active. After a certain time, she becomes neutral again and the opponent has the chance to take over. So be careful to always have SHD Tech to keep this boost station running for you.

This means you can master the Last Stand with different tactics. Share the team, for example: Four agents could actively search for PvP battles to stop the opponents while the other four agents collect SHD Tech on PvE enemies.

The NPCs respawn continuous during the session - and this more often than in the "real" DZ. Except are the NPCs, which guard the control zones. These are only available once per session.

Start Last Stand

To start a Last Stand session, you must go to the terminal. Near to the recalibration station - similar to Survival.

If you start the game search, you are in a queue. Seven more agents are now being searched for you. If you start solo, you only get together with other solo players. You can also start the game search in the squad with four people. Each team consists of 8 players, divided into two teams of 4.

In the game search, the gear score, the rank and the achievements in the games are considered before. In addition, your equipment is normalized. Not your armor, but the skill should decide about victory or defeat.

Rewards and Rank of Last Stand

Last Stand will have a similar progressive structure to the ground. You collect experience points during the matches and thus rise in Last Stand ranks. The maximum is rank 40. For each rank upgrade, you get a sealed container. You can also earn more than 40 with XP. Last Stand ranks don’t work like Dark Zone ranks. So you cannot fall into the rank.

In this way you can also win unique, cosmetic items. Only through this PvP mode, there are two complete sets of cosmetic items and two weapon skins to get hold of.

If you win a session, there are extra rewards. Otherwise, during the game, lots of data will be tracked to your performance in over 30 categories. Similar to Survival you will be rewarded after the matches depending on the performance shown.