The Division: Last Stand - PvP mode tactics and strategies

Last Stand, the latest DLC for the The Division brings a conquest mode with PvE and PvP shares. It is played in the 8 vs 8, but also many NPC opponents run over the map. There are zones A, B and C, where A and C are near the spawn points of the respective teams. In addition, you will find two landmarks where you will come across numerous NPC opponents like elite enemies. In addition, there are two tactical boosts.

There are three targets in each zone (A, B, C): you have the zone only when all three targets are activated. The more zones you have, the faster your points earn. In each zone, you'll also find defenses (guns) that activate your SHD-Tech, a new currency. You come to SHD-Tech by killing NPCs or crates.

Tip: To damage your opponent's guns, you can use EMP grenades. This makes it easier to capture enemy zones.

This is how a match goes

Your first goal should be to start some NPCs to earn SHD Tech. So you can claim and fix your first zone so that it is better protected against enemies. Use this zone as your base.

Then you should go to a landmark or Zone B. You need to collect SHD-tech. Theoretically, you can divide your group and advance to both goals.

The Tactical Boosts are available online at Minute 7, which gives your team different bonuses, such as more points when your opponent eliminates. First, you must activate it with 2000 SHD Tech.

A Tactical Boost station can only be activated by a team. After a certain time, it becomes neutral again and the enemy can take it over. So be sure that you have always enough SHD tech to use this boost. SHD Tech is a currency that is collected across the group.

For example, if you have the boost that you get more points on kills, then you should do just that: do your opponents, as many as you can to get the maximum out of the boost. Gain an advantage over the opponent team.

Now you have to score more points than your opponent. Keep your Base Zone, grab the Boosts, collect SHD Tech and fight with the enemy around Zone B. The first group, which earns 15,000 points or has the most points at the end of time, wins.

Conclusion: In this standalone PvP mode, there is much less about PvP than one might expect. You have to familiarize yourself with the mechanics and objectives and, above all, to collect SHD tech to win. The enemy agents are annoying opponents. The Last Stand is tactical: Who collects SHD Tech, who cares about the enemy, what about Zone B and the Boosts? Communication is important.