The Division: new Dark Zone areas at a glance DZ07 - DZ09

The latest update 1.6 for The Division brings some new contents in the Dark Zone, including three new dark zone sections, which relate to the previous PvE / PvP area in the north.

This dark zone is supposed to create an even dark atmosphere: on the streets, piled up bodies, some of them are in flames and everywhere the enemy waits. In addition, the playing surface is nearly doubled, as you are not only walking on the streets, but also on the roofs, in the subsoil areas and in buildings.

A Smooth Transition from DZ06 to DZ07

From the DZ06 you can go straight into the DZ07 without charge screen. Some of the borders that previously prevented you from walking to the north were removed.

It is striking that there is still the division into streets and building blocks, but now you have several ways to overcome these building blocks: run under them, over their roofs or in the middle of the building, to the other side. In the southern DZ areas, most of the blocks represent insurmountable obstacles.

The subsoil areas and the interior of the buildings are more complex than they are known to date. In addition, you have a good overview of some roofs.

In this update, you will find some nice details, the design is praised by many agents, but these areas of the current Dark Zone are still similar and don’t provide a completely new player experience.

Contamination Events

Patch 1.6 contributes to contamination events, which show elite cleaners in subterranean areas of Dark Zone, which want to be defeated. However, in these areas the contamination is so high that your filter is not enough. This means that you will suffer permanent damage during these events.

The best way to do this is to join the team and have a healer. Without healing skills you will not get far. MarcoStyle is enthusiastic about these events as they demand a dynamic style of play and definitely enhance the new Dark Zone.