The Division: update 1.6 Legendary Difficulty Level details

Last Stand and the patch 1.6 for The Division not only bring fresh content for the PvP agents but also added various PvE activities, such as a new attack. In addition, some story missions are upgraded: the new difficulty level called “Legendary” is introduced.

The new update 1.6 is a real challenge for all the hardcore players out there. They aim to achieve this goal with story missions on the Legendary difficulty level. These should be the biggest PvE challenges in the game - even bigger than the heroic attacks.

The new Legendary level is designed to test your optimized builds as well as your tactics and teamwork. The following three missions are also available:

- Times Square Power Relay
- WarrenGate Power Plant
- Napalm Production Site

In the future, more story missions will be given the higher difficulty level.

By the way: The damage and the life points of the opponents scale depending on the number of team members in your group. It is therefore theoretically possible to complete legendary solo. However, it is strongly recommends that you only drive into an organized group.

In the Legendary difficulty missions, you will not find any familiar enemies: all previous opponents have been removed and replaced by new, powerful and much clever Last Man Battalion (LMB) opponents, who use advanced tactics against you and your team.

The behavior of these opponents should be directed at how you act. They react to your skills, your status effects, are hard to hit, will always try to flank you. Moreover, it is not a good idea to go into close combat with them. The hunters in Survival are a taste for what comes.

In the missions you will encounter different types of opponents. There are normal, veterans and elite opponents. You should also be able to hire new named bosses who bring their own behavioral patterns and skills.

The challenge is not to defeat opponents with an enormous amount of life but to master their tactics and strategies.

The Rewards in the Legendary Modes

In addition to normal bonuses, you will receive weekly rewards in the form of exotic weapons, which are guaranteed to contain Exotics.

In addition, the Legendary mode has its own cosmetic items, which gives it exlusively on this difficulty.