Three Dog Heads, Dissection Room Key Locations Resident Evil 7

In Resident Evil 7, if you want to leave from the Bakers house, then you have to find the white, Red, and Blue Dog heads. They can be collected in the form of emblem. Since Jack Baker guard the house this is not easy. In this guide, we will show you how to get the three dog heads, and also give you tips to collect the dissection room key, so that you can quickly escape from the house

You can put the three dog heads in the entrance area of the main house into three openings provided for this purpose on the door and thus complete the three-headed dog to unlock the door. This puzzle awaits you after you have completed the first encounter with Jack Baker in the garage and have entered the main hall.

Locations of Dog Heads

- White dog head: From the grandfather clock in the living room.
- Blue dog head: From the large book in the leisure room.
- Red dog head: In the basement hanging on a chain.

White Dog Head Location

For the White Dog Head, you first grab the pendulum from the clock in the main hall. You will find them right on the door with the scorpions on it.

Then go back to the Bakers living room and go to the broken clock. Set the clock pendulum here and you get the White Dog Head. Put it in the door, so it will not take away any more space in your inventory.

Blue Dog Head Location

Take the stairs to the first floor and go left through the door. Either walk along the balcony on the right or take the left path. On each side you find halfway a door, which leads into the middle into the recreation area. In the corner of the room, behind the bar with the TV, you can see a bulky book on the sideboard. Observe it more closely and open it in the detail view so that it reveals to you the Blue Dog Head.

Red dog head and the dissection room key locations

The last dog head is by far the most difficult to get. First, you have to solve the puzzle in the Incinerator room, through a secret passage into the salon and from there through the corridors to reach the basement. In front of the stairs into the lower floor, a door leads into a storage room on the left. Cover yourselves here with weapons and healing, because in the cellar many Molded waiting for you.

Below, you must first go to the crematorium to find the key to the dissection room. You see several kilns in front of you. Open only the middle with the bloody handprint and the kiln at the far right. This opens the oven to the left, from which a Molded jumps. Defeat him and you can then grab the dissection room key from the stretcher.

Now you can go through the boiler room, where many Molded waiting for you. Then you can enter the dissection room. Take the stairs to the other end of the room. Here you can see the red dog head hanging on the chain. Attention! As soon as you interact with this, the boss fight against Jack Baker starts.

If you have survived the fight you can finally put all dog heads in the door and escape the main house.