Toy Axe location / solve secret puzzle - Resident Evil 7

If you pay attention at every detail and search every corner in Resident Evil 7, you will be able to find out some hidden puzzles and secrets outside the main action. These include the treasure photos or the various collectibles. Another hidden object is the toy axe, the benefits of which are not clear at first sight. It belongs to a secret puzzle. In this guide, we show you the location and solution to the secret puzzle.

First you have to collect the snake key from the basement of the main house. Then you can reach the upper floor and get access to the children's room. Here you have to check the lamp on the table and press the hidden red button, which lets a ladder down to the attic.

On the upper floor, you'll find the toy axe in a corner. In addition, there is still the gunship, which you can use to get the M21 shotgun, one of the best weapons in RE7.

With the toy axe in the inventory you go to the farm. The area with the hidden shadow puzzle you find in the southwest of the caravan in a bush. The access in the bushes is very narrow and well hidden. Just work along the edge of the bushes.

If you have found the area, there is another shadow puzzle waiting for you here. Use the toy axe at the pedestal. Here you see the sequence 135 ... 9 and you have to recreate the missing number with the shadow of the toy axe. A slight imprint on the plaque tells you that it is the number 7, which you can easily shape with the axe.

If you have created the shadow correctly, the castle of the chest opens and you can add another valuable stabilizer. Use it immediately to increase your recharge speed permanently. You'll get another stabilizer by the way, if you have five antique coins in the appropriate cage add in the caravan