Best ways to Farm Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes

In Fire Emblem Heroes, you can collect Orbs that serve as in-game currency. Therefore, it is important that you farm as many of them as possible as they can be used to expand your castle or fill up energy. There are many ways to farm Orbs in the game. In this guide we will show you the best ways to get as many of these as you can.

In addition to the already mentioned advantages of Orbs in the game, you can also call up new heroes or expand your accommodation. If you want to summon a hero, you need 5 Orbs and this is really a lot, since you start with only 15 Orbs. The most direct way to get Orbs is through the shop. But you have to invest real money. These are the price for the Orbs:

3 Orbs cost you $1.99
10 Orbs cost you $5.99
23 Orbs Cost you $12.99
35 Orbs Cost you $19.99
48 Orbs Cost you $26.99
75 Orbs Cost you $39.99
140 Orbs Cost you $74.99

In addition, there are other methods to earn Orbs in the game. Here, we will show you the four best ways to get Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes:

- When you link your Nintendo account to Fire Emblem Heroes, you collect points for each completed mission that you can redeem for rewards. A great advantage is that you can get 10 unique Orbs for free. If you don’t have a Nintendo account, you can create one on the side of Nintendo. As the owner of a Nintendo 3DS or a Wii U you can use your Nintendo ID for the creation of your account.

- If you start in the app, you should go directly to your castle, since you can use the app publishing bonus there. This gives you 2 free Orbs.

- You can also visit the well in the castle. There you can then accept a monthly quota. As a reward you can expect Orbs. The tasks are, for example: to defeat a certain number of opponents.

- When you complete a mission for the first time, you receive a Orb as reward. So complete as many missions as you can, and when you finish a chapter, you can change the difficulty level. If you complete the missions in Difficulty Hard and Lunatic, you’ll receive Orbs as Reward.

So you do not have to invest money to get as many Orbs as possible in Fire Emblem Heroes. If you have collected some Orbs, then you should save them. Especially in the later game you will need them for new heroes.