Conan Exiles: beginner’s tips – how to get started guide

In Conan Exiles, the first step is to decide whether you want to play local single player or online multiplayer on private or public servers that are divided into PvE, PvP and PvP Blitz (with Wipe after 30 days).

After the above step, you create your hero of eleven nations, select the god you want to worship, and then choose your appearance and your name. Later the developer will provide additional options to further customize your character.

The next step is to look around and read the letter on the rock in the desert. It is also vital to take the water bottle with you, as otherwise you’ll suffer with dehydration. Observe the large stone table to learn more about the background story. Now you must follow the stone trail out of the desert.

Collect branches and stones and pick plant fibers from the bushes. In this way you can quickly make weapons, first tools and clothes.

Crafting Items

Crafting is one of the most important aspects in Conan Exiles. In the inventory, you can see which skills your hero has already mastered. If you click on one of them, you will see what components you need to make the corresponding item. You must collect these raw materials in the world. If you have found enough, click on the recipe and choose Craft. Once you make an item then you can use it directly. In the inventory on the left you can see the items you carry with you and in the middle you’ll find your attributes.

If you progress in the game, you can increase attributes such as strength, vitality or agility, and learn new recipes. To do this, simply click on the button to learn new recipes. Some recipes need more than one point you get per level upgrade. Sometimes you have to go up several steps to learn a recipe. Consequently it appears in your recipe list and can be used as described.

Build Houses and Fortresses

Another important part of the game is the build of a shelter. Because the sand storms in the game can be deadly, so you should quickly build a small hut. In addition, your equipment can be stored there. To build a hut, you need the recipe. Then you collect all the necessary raw materials. Now create the individual pieces from which you want to build the shelter. First you select where you want it to be built and then the groundwork and then you build walls, doors, windows etc.

Decoration works the same way. You need the recipe, the raw materials, make the item, drag it into the hotbar and place it where you want it. Use the mouse wheel to rotate the items. Shift plus Scroll wheel verifies the height of the object. You can also build your fortresses against a rock wall or even under water. Your buildings should always upgrade. Simply create the necessary objects for the upgrade, point to the structure you want to improve, and click on it.

Instead of killing barbarians, drag them into your camp, then chain them. So you break your will and get loyal slaves. However, you must be careful to feed them as this will support their loyalty. You make a simple mash from plant fibers.

The slaves will carry out the job they had before their enslavement. An archer will always be an archer. You should also use them accordingly. In the world, you will also find special NPCs that become special slaves.

If you have enslaved skill artisans, let them work at the crafting stations to unlock new recipes. A cimmerian blacksmith, for example, will give you recipes for cimmerian weapons and items of a higher animal.

Religion and Avatars

During the creation of your hero you decide which of the gods Crom, Set, Yog or Mitra would like to worship. Crom doesn’t care if you adore him and he will not let himself be summoned. For the other gods, you first build an altar by means of a recipe. Then you crap a special tool. For Set, this is a knife, for Mitra an Ankh and for Yog a stone club. If you use this item on an NPC after killing it, you will get a very special crafting resource.

Supporters of Set get reciprocal poisons, supporters of Mitra regenerate faster and the Yoggites get blessed human flesh. Each time you make something at the altar, you are more in the favor of God. The collected favor is used together with necessary raw materials to improve the altar. If your altar has reached the highest tier level, and if you have a slave who is a priest of the god, then you can make the conjuring charm. You can use the spell anywhere. But he destroyed the altar and the priest. Then the Avatar of your God appears.

During the summoning ceremony and while you are guiding the avatar, you are vulnerable. A light beam also shows your enemies where you are. It takes about one minute for the avatar to appear. If you kill, the Summoning will fail. If you have sworn the Avatar of your God, you can steer it for one minute and trample down the fortress of your enemies. If you are killed, the Avatar disappears immediately.

Follow the Story

Again and again you will meet NPCs or find books and letters that will tell you more about the background story of the country of the exiles. You explore ancient ruins, descend into dark dungeons and learn more about the civilization that once existed in this country. Conan Exiles is not a pure sandbox. The story plays a big role and gives the game an additional depth.

If you want to host your own server, you can make various settings. For example, whether PvP is allowed, how many players are allowed (maximum is 70), and whether the gods' summon is active. As an admin, you will also have access to the admin panel, where you can spawn any item in the game.

If you want to play on non-official servers, use the filter system to find the right server for you. The servers are divided into Purist, Relaxed, Hardcore, Roleplaying and Experimental.