Conan Exiles: Cheats, Console / Admin Commands

Like in other multiplayer games, you can also activate and use cheats and in Conan Exiles. Since the game is still under construction, more commands may appear in the coming days. If you are missing basic cheats, you can use the trainer. You can find all the currently available commands for Conan Exiles below:

Although there are not many console commands yet. To be able to use them, you must verify as the admin of the server. If you play Conan Exiles on a multiplayer server you have to look for the initialization file Serversettings.ini. Look for the Steam folder and go down from Conan Exiles. Then open the file with any text editor such as Notepad, Atom, or the default editor. Look for the line AdminPassword=. Then enter a password, which you must remember. If you don’t enter a password here, search in the following path: ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\Engine.ini. Under ServerName= and ServerPassword= You can specify the name and password of the server.

In the next step you have to start Conan Exiles and verify as an Admin. Press ESC and go to the menu. Look for the server settings at the top right and look for a button with the label “Make me an ADMIN“. Now enter the password from .ini file and then you’ll get the message "Admin Rights Granted"

This is how you enter cheats and console commands in Conan Exiles:

Press CTRL together with + Shift + C. Then press the tiled button ~ on the keyboard. Now the console opens. Please enter ENABLECHEATS. Now you can enter the following commands.

- Fly: With this cheat you can fly over the map.

- God: If you cannot take damage anymore, use “God” to become invicible.

- ToggleDebugHUD: This cheat will show your server performance, the number of players on the server, and your coordinates on the screen.

- CTRL + Alt + Shift + L: This show coordinates: Almost like the cheat ToggleDebugHUD. Here you will see a small window showing your location. For example, fixed players can display their position. In addition, you can copy the location and send it to the developers if you want to report a bug.

- SummonPlayer: With this cheat you can teleport the respective player to you. Enter the name of the player after the cheat and a space. This is especially useful when he is stuck somewhere.

- MakeMeAdmin: Enable Admin privileges

- MakeMeNormal: Disable admin privileges

If you want to ban a player from the server, click on the list of other players. Beside the respective players you'll find the word BAN and a box. Select it and the player is already banned.