Conan Exiles: Cure Food Poisoning / Violet Cureall guide

In Conan Exiles, there are several antidotes and potions that you can use. Some of them regenerate your health and make you instantly invulnerable, while other can affects your heal status. The potion that we want to introduce here is called Violet Cureall and that can heal your poisoning. It is quite irrelevant whether you have been poisoned by a snake or a scorpion. Even a food poisoning can be healed with Violet Cureall.

But before you can make the Violet Cureall, you have to deal with a poisonous enemy. It is best to search in the north west of the map to find a Serpent. 1 Gland for 1 Potion, this is what you need to create exactly one violet potion. What you now lack for your healing is a Firebowl Cauldron. This you can get at level 15 and cost you four knowledge points. However, you need 50 times iron reinforcement and 25 times twine. For the material iron reinforcement you need to reach at level 20 and also you need steel.

If you want to play for time and weaken your enemies gradually, poison is an effective method. Because in Conan Exiles, you not only poison yourself but also you can use it against others. But you don’t necessarily have to look for cobras, but look for Poisonous Spiders and scorpions. You will find them especially in the north of the map. Look for them in the sand dunes. It is best to use them long range attack, because they can poison you too.

With a little luck, the scorpion may drops a poisonous gland. This you need to gain the poison from the Firebowl Cauldron. In the end, you can then apply this to slashing and stitching. You need poison every time.