Conan Exiles: Farm Sulfur / Brimstone and Craft Steel guide

In Conan Exiles, steal is a must have item for every barbarian. In this guide, we will show how you get metal and make more powerful equipment.

Steel is not easy to get and even if you know how made it, you still need loads of materials.

If you want steel, you need iron. This can be found in Iron Stones, which occasionally come out of ordinary rock. However, this is never enough for your future needs, so you have to go up to higher mountain regions.

There you’ll find pure iron deposits as well as coal. But be careful, there are some wild animals up there and the valuable iron is needed by all players on the server gladly dismantled. If you have the PvP option on, you should be careful, or create a mining and protection community with other players.

Put iron, wood, or coal into the furnace, and then iron bars from two ironstones.

If you want to make steel from iron now, you need another resource called Steel Fire. This, in turn, is obtained from tar and sulfur.

Sulfur or Brimstone is found in small numbers in caves, and in higher numbers in the great sulfur pit in the northwest. There also some dangerous creatures that drop sulfur upon death.

Tar is more complex. It is produced as a by product when tanning hides from bark. Bark in turn is easy to get if you know how to do it. You must simply pick up a tree with the pick for the bark instead of the hatchet, then you get the bark.

From two pieces of tar and sulfur, you will get the desirable "steel fire" in the furnace. This in turn gives a steel bar with 5 Iron bars. So you should be able to produce iron in advance if you want to cover up with steel. Steel, on the other hand, becomes strong Tier 3 building parts and weapons that can effectively destroy such buildings.