Conan Exiles: how to Summon / Use The Gods to Destroy Cities

In the open world survival video game Conan Exiles, apart from the people, you can also choose a religion in character creation and thus a God whom you worship. You have the opportunity select all gods, a single or no god. You can handle it basically as you think it is right.

The developers have provided 7 gods. However, At the moment you can only choose between 4 gods. These are:

Crom - God who does not require worship

This god watches the world from the high mountain. However, he does not respond to prayers and does not want any adoration. If you choose Crom as your God, you will not become his messenger. Therefore, he is the best God, if the Religion system have nothing to do with Conan Exiles and don’t want to have any work.

Mitra - God of justice and Righteousness

(With his feet he can stomp everything instantly to death).

Mitra is the chosen God of the Hyberians, the God of justice and righteousness. But his followers are trying to expand their religion without regard for losses. Pray for Mitra, and then you receive the ability to sanctify, statues, clothing, medicines and weapons, including the sacred symbol of the phoenix.

Yog - God, the Cannibals

(He digs his tentacles into the ground and destroys everything around him with a kind of bomb / eruption).

This god is the master of empty dwellings. He requires you to eat your flesh, which has been purified ritually. More specifically, this means the flesh of other people. In return, Yog grant his followers blessed weapons and equipment.

Set - God, the snakes and sacrifices

(The snake is very mobile and very suitable for fast attacks and crush everything)

Set is an ancient snake. You honor him by offering him a sacrifice on his bloody altar. If you follow set, you will get powers from your God, such as protection from toxins and the ability to turn snakes into arrows.

If you choose one of these gods at the beginning, you start the game as one of the priest of their religion. If you are in a clan, then the different players can also worship different gods - so it does not have to be the same. You can collect grace for more than one God.

Nevertheless, you should know that the gods are very jealous. In order to offer the gods, you must build an altar for them, and they don’t allow the respective altars to be placed too close together. So if you have several gods, you may have to build the altars quite far.

Later you will be able to change religion. This may also be related to your actions, or may be related to the fact that you build different altars and perform various heroic actions during the game.

The gods are strong and mighty, they can help you but you have to offer them sacrifices and thus to their favor. You can receive the favor of the gods in very different ways:

- Set: To win the favor of Set, you must kill other players or human NPCs and use your religious artifact on them. So use your sacrificial knife on the corpses and cut out their hearts to bring them to the altar of your god.

- Yog: You win Yog's favor by using the cleaver to "harvest" immaculate, perfect human flesh and fry it in Yog's altar with the cavity in it.

- Mitra: For Mitra's favor, you must purify the corpses of fallen enemies. Use Mitraen Ankh in the form of a life loop or a Nile key and bring back the remaining essence of their souls to the altar of Mitra.

- Crom : Crom needed and does not require sacrifices.

There are also teachers of religion who teach you how to behave as a favorite of the respective God:

- Nunu, the cannibal - Yog
- Mek-kamoses - Set
- Jamila, the Pirate Queen – Mitra

The Altars of the Gods

From the very beginning, you will be able to build an altar for your God. Through this altar you get the opportunity to craze your religious artifacts and you have access to helpful recipes.

Each altar has three levels. You must collect a lot of favor to upgrade the altars later. With each new level, you also unlock new recipes, which will reveal you strong weapons or particularly nutritious food. But it takes a lot of effort to reach the highest level, as you must rise very high in the favor of your God. Therefore, it is advisable to get together with other players and form a clan to work together .

In addition, it can be enough if only one player of the clan uses the knowledge points to learn the religious recipes, since he can then use the religious equipment and weapons for everyone. As mentioned above, you may worship several gods in a clan but you should not build the altars too close together.

The Avatars: Summoning Gods and destroying everything

For the fact that you always worship and worship your gods diligently, you will ultimately be rewarded. You have the opportunity to evoke avatars of your God. For a period of 60 seconds, these giant avatars will appear, controlled by the Summoner himself.

With the help of an avatar, you can destroy enemies. They are the ultimate weapon. Since the divine avatars are very powerful, there is nothing to stand by their forces.

But just because the avatars are so powerful, it is also not easy for God to summon them. This is what you need:

- An altar at level 3
- Accordingly also a high favor
- A high priest of the respective religion who performs the incantation

As soon as you perform the incantation, you are particularly vulnerable. You then surround a bright light circle. This means that your enemies will be able to locate you faster and of course they will come to you. The incantation takes a few seconds, during which time you should not die, because then all your efforts would have been in vain. That is why your clan members should support you here and protect you.

Once the incantation is completed and you have survived it, you control the avatar and begin the destruction. You can now benefit from the power of your Avatar and its magic.

However, your real body is still standing in the brightly lit incantation circle. Here you can be killed, which is why you should be protected by your friends. If you die while you are controlling the avatar, the avatar disappears.

Choose wisely, when and where you carry out your incantation. You should be protected, but not too far from the enemy, because you can only run around 60 seconds as Avatar. Your altar will disappear after the incantation, so you will have to start from the beginning again with your construction of the altar and win the favor of your god.

We can be curious about what Conan Exiles is expecting for gods. The fact is that these are "final combat weapons". You should save them and use them when you are attacked and have already built up a larger empire.