Digimon World Next Order: best way to farm Bits

In Digimon World: Next Order, Bits serve as in game currencies and they play an important role in the game. If you want to deal with the residents or buy items, you need a lot of money. There are many opportunities to farm bits at an early stage in the game.

The entry into Digimon World: Next Order is relatively difficult, but with the progress of the game is easier. As soon as you have recruited more Digimon residents and earned more bits, your Digimon career is in full swing. However, money is always a short, you need bits for the following things:

- Birdramon allows you to travel quickly to places you already visited. The farther the place is, the more bits this service costs you. The cost begins at 1,000 bits and then increases steadily.

- In restaurants you can buy food and don’t depend on meat. The cheapest court at Renamon costs you 1,500 bits for a Digimon, but does not saturate so well.

- Kabuterimon can improve your training equipment, which makes the training gain in efficiency. However, the price increases rapidly with every other device.

There are enough possibilities for spending money in the game. Your main source of income is battles against enemy Digimon. In addition, you can sell items found by merchants for money. You can also earn bits by performing side quests.

Especially the side quests of BlackGatomon are worthwhile. She is located in the area of MOD Cape - ship 3.0 (cabin), and she is commissioned to look for pirate scrap in the surrounding area. Fortunately, the pirate scrap is around and BlackGatomon gives you 10,000 bits for each item you sell it for the first time. However, this is not a permanent source of money.

You should look for the opponents in the game world, who pay a lot of money. We recommend Wizardmon, who gives you 3,000 bits after defeat. On the easy difficulty level it is even 3,750 bits.

You will find Wizardmon in the red celeb room at bony resort. There it is the only Digimon that wants to compete against you. Just leave the room and enter it again, so it respawns. You only get to the bony resort if you have finished at least the first chapter.

- During the second chapter, you will need to help GrapLemon in the desert - double step, so that you can enter the desert.

- To the west of it you come to the Rose Palace and finally from here into the Bony resort.