Find and Recruit Residents - Digimon World Next Order

In Digimon World: Next Order, if you want to recruit residents then you need to explore the entire game world. They can be everywhere. On the map you can see them, as they are marked with a blue exclamation mark.

The residents are Digimon, who you can recruit when you find them. For some, it may be that you first have to fight them or do a task before they go to float and help raise the prosperity of the city.

If the Digimon residents are able to go back to floating city, they will take an important role here, help with reconstruction, or open up shops to make the city flourish again.

Also, for the story, it is imperative that you recruit the Digimon residents. However, some Digimon residents may not appear until you reach a certain point within the story. This means that you also have to search for places where you were already, because here and there new residents could emerge when you could complete a chapter.

We have listed all the digimon inhabitants below. With their help, you can restore the prosperity of the city. Unfortunately, the list is not yet complete. If you already have another Digimon resident, please let us know in the comments below.

Recruitment Condition
Patamon Near plains - wide elevation You just have to talk to him. Open a warehouse where you can place items
Tentomon Near plains - wide elevation Purchase the healing disk for 100 bits. Open a shop where you can buy items.
Palmon Near plains - wide elevation Get Salty Fruit, a Digistalk and a Smiling Apple  Help to increase meat content and increase meat ranges.
Biyomon Near plains - wide elevation Speak as soon as you've recruited Birdramon. Support Birdramon as a transmitter.
Etamon Near plains - wide elevation Get a battery from power station 2. Sell Decoration for the city.
Numemon Near plains - forest road Get five green Green Digistalks and defeat it. Give yourself a mobile toilet every day.
Wormmon Near plains - forest road Get a stick. Give yourself a fishing rod and inform you about the favorite food of your Digimon.
Kuwagamon Near Plains - Power Plant 2 Get a Royal Digi jelly from the forest trail. Give yourself an edible item daily from 4 pm.
Kabuterimon Near Plains - Old Cable Car Defeat it in battle. Can improve the training equipment in the training room.
Renamon Near plains - cave entrance Need a Digicarp, can get from the bridge in NIgh Plains Vast Plateau Open a restaurant where you can buy food.
Veemon Server desert - noise storms Speak with Togemon and defeat Veemon in battle. Act as architect of the city and can improve buildings.
Greymon Server desert - noise storms Get a magma lozenge from the logic volcano. Open a shop where you can buy your tents.
Togemon Server desert - server cemetery Defeat it after defeating Veemon. Give you an edible item every day, which increases the training effect.
GrapLeomon Server desert - Step step  Find Gargomon and Cyber Grease Open the Digivolution
Dojo and can tell you about the digits.
GargomonServer desert - tower roadTalk first with GrapLeomon and then with Gargomon.Open a shop where you can buy items.
Angemon Server desert - dead end town Recruit Hackmon and talk to Angemon again. Go to the clinic and tell you about the condition of your digimon.
Birdramon Logic Volcano - Server Desert Defeat it in battle. Acted as a channel in the city and can take you to already visited places.
Gumdramone Logic Volcano - Server Desert Speak with Zudomon first and then talk with Gumdramon. Join the architect and give you a present as your building expands.
Meramon Logic volcano - Fire Circuit Defeat it in battle. Open a restaurant where you can buy food.
Kyubimon Logic Volcano - Server Desert  Defeat it in battle. Open a clinic in the city where you can buy medicine items.
Hackmon Logic Volcano - Garbage pile Speak first with Angemon and defeat Hackmon in battle. Go to the clinic and tell you about places that do not like your Digimon.
BomberNanimon Logic Volcano - Garbage pile Get his five body parts. -
Seadramone Cape MOD - MOD ship 1.0 Get Digifry, Digicrucian and Digikoi -
Zudomon Cape MOD - MOD ship 2.0 Recruit Gumdramon and talks again with Zudomon. Join the architect and can search for materials for you.
DemiDevimon Cape MOD - Boat 2.0 (Cabin) Get the special chalice of Vikemon. Traces the economic growth in float.
BlackGatomon Cape MOD - Ship 3.0 (Cabin) Get all pirate items from the area. -
Vikemon Cape MOD - Captain's cabin Speak first with DemiDevimon and defeat Vikemon in battle. -
MarineAngemon Cape MOD - flag flagship Get the spiked / bent spoon. Go to the clinic and transfer your Digimon lifetime.
Agumon Ohguino Wasteland - Guts Wastes Defeat it in battle Make everyone happy with his presence.