Fire Emblem Heroes: beginner tips, strategy and surviving guide

In Fire Emblem Heroes, you battle against the Emblian and can summon and train different heroes. Unlike the previous titles in the series, in Fire Emblem Heroes your heroes will not lose their lives after they have been defeated. This is also very helpful, because the Emblian Empire overcomes strange worlds and enslaves the heroes of different dimensions.

The menus of the game are very complex and we would like to give you some general tips so that you don’t lose track of the overview:

- When you are in your castle, you can click down on the fountain to get an overview of the quests and missions. If you successfully complete these, you will receive orders or fragments. For missions, you can even collect orbs when you successfully complete them for the first time. All missions can be repeated as often as you can, so you can work on the training of your characters.

- If you start the game, you will receive 15 Orbs. You can invest them to unlock new heroes or expand your castle. If you search the list in the main menu, you can upgrade your "castle" in the trading post. If you invest a Orb, you get an EP bonus of 20%. This is extremely worthwhile and you can permanently get this bonus on a whopping 100% bonus.

- Use your orbs to get new heroes into your team. To do this, select the "Call" menu item and try your luck.

- Over time your heroes earn points, which you can use for their training. Complete your enemies, get your characters up. In doing so, they level up individually and the one who misses an opponent's final blow receives the most XP. In the main menu you can activate or deactivate new skills under Skills.

- If your hero reaches level 20 and has a certain number of heroes, you can further strengthen them. Go to "home screen". Now the potential is released and the hero drops back to level 1, but he gets another star. The stars stand for the general strength of a character.

Strategies for Battle against Enemies

The battle against Enemies in Fire Emblem Heroes takes place on a small map, where you can move your characters individually on certain tiles. You start on the left side and your enemy on the right. Your first goal is to defeat the enemy's troops. Your heroes can do different attacks according to what they are specialized in. Archer can shoot at a greater distance on enemies, and melees must move to the next part for the battle to start.

- There are different over and sub issues in combat. Make sure that your team is diverse and that you can react to any form of opponent. For example, don’t take a swordsman against lances, but send him against ax fighters. The different weapons are shown in the lower right margin in three colors. Lances are blue, swords red and axes green.

- The ranged combatants, Archers, are excepted from the Strengths, but they are equally effective against most enemies, although they are particularly strong against flying opponents.

- Like you, your opponents can also move on the map. So keep the next steps from your troops so that you don’t have too much attack space. Use the option Danger Zone! This allows you to display all the fields that your opponent can reach with the next move. This allows you to plan your tactics better, and to make use of distance combatants and healers effectively.

- You can view your opponents before a fight and thus create the perfect combination of your own heroes, so you can counter their strengths well. Use the weaknesses of the enemies and get ready. You can even create multiple teams and switch between them.

- If the opponents advances always further, you can click on the gear in the lower left screen edge, there to select the light’s blessing. For this you need to consume an item of the same name or an orb. With the light’s blessing, all defeated allies are revived, the HP is filled, special attacks are ready for action and you can start directly with your next move.