Fire Emblem Heroes - Fix freezes, errors and not starting

Fire Emblem Heroes is now playable on your smartphone and tablets (Android and iOS). However, some players experiencing issues while playing or installing the game. Below we will listed all the known issues provide you with possible fixes.

The game doesn’t start

Some players have complained about installation issues, when they trying to start the app they get a communication error message. You have the option to re-establish the connection, or return to the home screen. If you try again, you get another error message. The following errors have been reported so far:

Error Codes: 803-0003 (H9Hf-0000-0000-0000-0000)

After you have downloaded the Fire Emblem Heroes, the game wants you to download updates. When you try to do this you may encounter a communication error, 803-0003 (H9Hf-0000-0000-0000-0000). This usually happens at the magic 300 MB limit. If you don’t want to wait until the server situation has improved, you can also check out your storage space. Provide enough space for the app and its updates.

If you downloaded the APK, it could happen that your device does not have the necessary system requirements. You need:

- At least Android 4.2 with 2 GB of RAM
- IOS 8 or later with at least 1 GB of RAM

You also need a stable Internet connection - the best is wireless connection. If you fall under 3G, it might look critical and the app will deny its service, freeze, or crash.

Download is completed but the game crashes

It may happen that you are able to establish a connection and complete the download, but the app remains unstable. Maybe you can go beyond the tutorial, but then the game crashes or freezes again. This is also related to server errors.

Another solution is to create more disk space to download all files. If your storage space is full, then it can also cause errors.

Support Code 803-3001

On occasion, players report the error code 803-3001. In these cases, the start screen freezes and does not go any further. Our research has shown that even here, there's no proper solution yet. But for some player re-installing the application probably help to fix this issue. However, this problem should soon be fixed by the developers.