For Honor: guide on how to get best and Legendary Weapons

In For Honor, you progress through the story with your Heroes by executing commands and challenging battles. So you collect experience points, steel and sometimes Loot.

The last item comes in the form of weapons and armor parts and has the equipment value from 1 to 3. At the beginning, they have only minor stat differences and only offer variations to make the character different.

However: this equipment value goes much higher. The items even have three different quality levels. In addition to the standard items, there are rare items (blue) and heroic items (violet). The maximum equipment value is 18.

Some heroic weapons are marked with a star. These are called Legendary Weapons by some players and are particularly rare.

This Gives You Higher Quality Weapons

At the beginning of the game, you don’t have any weapons of higher quality. You must first collect enough experience points and exceed level 20. So you rise in glory rank.

- According to user reports, you have a chance to get blue items as soon as your fame reaches rank 1.

- Violet Heroic items are only available from rank 3. According to the Youtuber VopeTV, he received his first heroic weapons on Fame 3 and Level 13. However, there are also reports that there are these earlier on fame rank 3 randomly.

The violet, Legendary items with star on equipment rank 18 represent the rarest and best items in the game. They come not only with an extravagant look, but also with excellent stats.


- An item can have a maximum gear level of 18.
- The maximum character gear level is 108.
- The reputation progress system is character bound. If you need strong equipment for another hero, you must level it up from reputation Level 0.

- Since the quality of the items depends on reputation, no one can buy the best equipment with real money at the beginning of the game. You must invest your game time.