For Honor: how to use Parry and Counter Guard Break

In this guide For Honor, we will give you tips on how to use Parry and counter a Guard Break and to gain an advantage in combat.

First, you must familiarize yourself with the basics of the combat system, the Art of Battle. How do I block attacks, how do I set them to attack and which buttons do I have to press?

If you master the basics and have them automated, you should learn the combos and special attacks of your hero. So you have a solid skill, with which you can win many battles.

Then there are also advanced combat techniques. However, the Counter technique is incorrectly explained.

How To Counter A Guard Break 

You trigger the guard break on the PS4 with square and on the Xbox One with X. By doing so, you break through the protection of your opponent and make him helpless for a short time. Now you can hit him or push him down the cliff with a litter.

If the opponent makes a guard break attempt, you can prevent this with a dodge maneuver or a fast attack. If there is no time for both, you have a way to defend against the guard break.

This is where the Counter technique comes into play. According to the tutorial, you should press the guard break key when the opponent starts the guard break. You can see that a red symbol, a broken shield, is displayed on the enemy:

If you press the button at this moment when the symbol appears, you will not stop the opponent. The counterattack fails. If you wait too long, the counter will also fail. When is the right moment to press the button?

You perform the Counter technique as soon as the enemy uses the guard break. This is approximately when the red symbol disappears on the enemy. In this short video you can see the right moment:

Ubisoft plans to adapt the Counter technique in a future update. It should work as explained in the tutorial.

How to Parry in For Honor

One of the more advanced techniques is Parry. In contrast to blocking, parry offers you the advantage that you can throw the opponent a piece back and go directly to the attack.

You can parry by attacking an opponent's attack with a heavy attack: When the enemy attacks, the arrow turns red. If this red arrow flashes once, you immediately press the corresponding key for the heavy attack. In addition, keep the stick in the direction from which the attack takes place. Thus the swords clash and the enemy is pushed back.

In the Counter Guard Break and Parry, one thing is crucial: the right timing. Therefore, you should practice in tutorials or in games against your buddies before you use them in a tough battle out there.