For Honor: Tactics to Win 4v4 Dominion Mode Matches

In For Honor, the matches can be brutal. Especially the 4v4 Domination Mode matches are difficult to master, because on the battlefield chaos reigns and the heroes are usually dishonorable. Vandenberghe, the Creative Director of For Honor has revealed four tips to master the 4v4 modes.

Tip 1: According to Vandenberghe, the first thing you have to learn properly is to understand the basics of blocking.

- Not all heroes hold their block position. The assailants can only defend the defenses for a short time that is why you have to pay more attention to the timing.

- In Advanced Training, you learn how to block the attacks of multiple enemies. In 4v4, it will often happen that you are under-paying. Become familiar with this mechanics.

- After you have blocked an attack, go directly to the fast attack. Use a shell attack or a guard break. Pay attention to the combos that the opponents use.

Tip 2: Each hero has his or her favorite distance to the opponent in which they perform their attacks. For example: A Nobushi wants to use her attacks from a greater distance, which is why you should not let the opponent close. If you fight against a Noboshi, try to get as close to her as possible. Here she feels uncomfortable.

Vandenberghe thinks the better you manage your distance, the closer you are to victory. Use your stamina for this purpose: Roll away from the opponent or crash towards him to keep the perfect distance.

Tip 3: If everyone in your team has the same hero, it may look cool, but tactically is not very smart. Because every hero has other strengths and weaknesses that are crucial on the battlefield. The

In addition, Vandenberghe says that it can lead to success if you divide your squad into two teams. Just be your easy victim, but you should not lose sight of the control zones in the two teams. But two teams are basically not wrong.

He also advises to play dishonorable. If an ally needs help nearby, the enemy falls into the back while he is distracted. Ultimately it is not about honor, but about victory.

Tips 4: In 4v4 matches, the biggest challenge is that you will be attacked by several heroes at once and you must face them alone. Here the escape is a good tip. However, it is also worthwhile to face the enemies to distract them for a while.

Use even high-range attacks and run so that your enemies cannot surround you. Keep them at a distance and make sure they follow you. Vandenberghe emphasizes that these opponents cannot score points for your team as long as you divert them. As a result, your allies are overpopulated and can conquer the zones.

In short: If you are dealing with several opponents, it is not the ultimate goal that you defeat them, but that you keep your life as long as possible and distract the opponents.