For Honor: Tips for Level Up Your Characters Fast / Earn XP

In For Honor, if you are going to get the best of the legendary weapons and armor pieces, there is no way to get past your heroes. Because the loot you receive after battles and item packs depends on the character progress.

This means that your hero must first achieve certain goals before he can get loops of higher quality. These goals are bound to the fame and level system.

Increase Your Fame

Increase your fame by one level by exceeding character level 20. There are 30 fame levels with 20 levels each. How far your hero has advanced is shown in the Hero menu. The fame level is surrounded; the level is indicated with a number below.

In order to rise in level and also in fame, you must collect experience points. Here, there are some useful tips on how to quickly get XP.

- Wining battles provide more XP than defeats: the first "tip" is that you should deliver strong performances in the battles and win as often as possible. If you are defeated in Duel mode you’ll get about 155 XP and for a win you’ll get over 200 XP. Therefore, it is worth to learn the talent of the fighters and to improve their own skills.

- Commands: In the Multiplayer overview you can access the commands. There are two daily commands, each with 300 extra experiences. For this you have one day time. In addition, there are order instructions, which are also limited in time. Here you will find tasks that deliver up to 1500 XP. They are tied to certain game modes.

- Speak which commands you are pursuing: If you are playing with your buddies in the group, you should first discuss what commands you want to do. You can track a maximum of three order commands at the same time. In order to master these efficiently, you should check out and possibly a plan.

- Champion Status: Champion status gives you several benefits, including a 25% XP boost. It is the best way to speed up leveling. You can get it with steel. For example, 3 -day champion status costs 2000 steel. You will have an advantage when all members in your group have the champion status: per person you receive extra 10% XP boost. If all group members have the champion status, your experience gain increases by a whopping 55%.

- Champion status without steel: If you own the deluxe package, you will be awarded champion status for 7 days. Otherwise, you as an Amazon Prime customer until the 6.3. The possibility to link the Amazon account with your Twitch account and Ubisoft account. So that you get some rewards, including 10 days of champion status.

- The faster you finish your battles the faster you get to experience points. For example: in the rule mode you win more points than in a duel, which usually takes longer. Practice with your group until you are a team. So you can finish winning matches in a short time.