For Honor: Unlock Brutal Finishing Moves guide

In For Honor, brutal moves are special hero blows, which can be used to finishing opponents at punctual times in battles. The blow generates a detailed animation with blow and slash and you can equip up to four executions in each character.

The activation of the attack is simple: after aiming at the enemy, use a strong attack as final blow to start a brutal execution. All finalizations regenerate some of the hero's health, which turns out to be an advantage in certain game modes. In the joysticks, the executions are configured in the action buttons, while in the PC it is allowed to customize the commands on the keyboard.

To find the brutal moves available for your favorite character, go to the Customize tabs, from the main menu, and Heroes. After that, set the desired combatant and proceed to the profile page.

In the Hero profile, you can also equip new items, see the progress of online matches, and customize the combatant's look. Use the PS4 or Xbox One control triggers or the flip shift keys and find the Skills option.

In the heroes' unique skill menu enter Executions and go straight to the finalizations that are still locked. The player can assign the new command to a joystick key or button, if it is on the consoles.

It is important to mention that the most aggressive commands that are initially locked, must be unlocked with game currency acquired in the multiplayer games.

Prices for special attacks start from 5000 coins, and each hero can equip up to four moves in different spaces. If you'd like to evaluate the move before investing money, select the demo video and learn the details of the attack.