Ghost Recon Wildlands: Co-op strategy guide

In Ghost Recon Wildlands, one of the key features is the coop mode. A total of four players can play together in one squad. If you want to play alone, then you will be given three AI Ghosts, which you can also command. You can tell them whether to fire, stand or follow. If you play a coop with your friends and they close the game, the AI colleagues will accompany you from now on. So the developers want to ensure that your game is never interrupted. Instead of meeting with three friends, you can also take part in a public round. Then you play in public co-op mode with up to three people.

In this guide, we will give you some useful tips and answers for the mostly discuss problems or questions about the co-op mode.

How Do I Invite Friends?

First you have to go back to the lobby, which you find in the main menu. Here you can also find settings that will suit your privacy so that no one can simply join your game. If you have played with players with whom you would like to make Bolivia unsafe, you will find all the names of them in the lobby menu. All friends in your friend list who also play Ghost Recon are displayed in the lobby and can be selected and invited.

How can I Communicate within the Squad?

Communication within a team is essential. For this reason, there is an internal voice chat that you can use, if you have a microphone and headphones connected. In addition you can open the command wheel and command correct players like the AI.

What Happens To My Progress In The Story When A Friend Joins?

Your progress in history will be saved as soon as you help a friend in a mission. It does not matter if he is already advanced in the game. You can still play this mission, but you may be spoiled. Once the mission is over, you can return to your progress. However, if you close the quest together, the next mission will be unlocked, so you can skip some.

Can I repeat / play a mission with friends, even though I've played them?

You can repeat missions as often as you like. If you help a friend in the Co-op, who plays a mission that you have already completed, you still get experience points. To repeat an assignment, you must open the mission journal and select the mission. It will then be displayed on your map.

Do all team members have to be close to each other?

There is no connection between the individual squad members. This allows a member to devote himself entirely to other things on the map. However, we recommend that you remain close to each other to be always on the spot when a soldier needs to be healed.

Multiplayer in Ghost Recon Wildlands

So far, there are many speculations about how the multiplayer works. Some players are asking for a team deathmatch. However, so far, there is hardly any information about the multiplayer mode. Some rumors suggest a mode similar to The Divivions Dark Zone. This would also be a PvP mode in the game in addition to PvE mode.