Halo Wars 2: Collectibles - Phoenix Logs / Skulls Locations

In this guide to Halo Wars 2, we would like to show the locations of all the skulls and Phoenix logs. The Phoenix logs tell you about the background of the game and the skulls will give you bonus that can be very useful.

In the first mission of the game you can start to find collectibles. With your Warthog, you will soon be able to collect the first Phoenix log and get some background information. , On the other hand, the skulls have to be unlocked in time and can then be activated. However, you have to complete tasks so that you can find the collectible items in the game.

In total, there are 24 Phoenix Logs and 15 Skulls distributed throughout the missions. In the first mission, you can find six collectible items. Later, there will be a maximum of four objects per mission. The Phoenix logs are usually quite simple on the map, since they light up clearly. Send one of your troops to the object to collect it. Then look at the menu under the tab Phoenix Logs, then you can see the contained information. This will give you more information about the history of Halo Wars 2.

The skulls are much less frequent. If you want to get one of them, you have to take different tasks. Unfortunately, these tasks are secret at the beginning of a mission. In the mission selection, you can use the Y key to get to the skulls and activate them. This gives you different effects that will affect your mission.

If you have already played a few missions and have overlooked a collection object, you can repeat the orders as often as you like. So you can make sure that you have all Skulls and Phoenix Logs together and can even unlock a few achievements.