Halo Wars 2: Getting Started Tips, Controls / Commands Guide

Halo Wars 2 is a very complex video game that brings you a multiplayer and a flash mode in addition to a normal campaign. If you're a veteran or new to the Halo Wars video game series, it is always recommended to go through the tutorial so that you can apply your learned knowledge directly in the campaign, which offers you 12 missions. With some experience, you can then venture into the multiplayer, since this could be quite difficult.

The campaign can really help you a lot if you play it right at the beginning. Besides the experience gained, you can unlock Card Packs. These are very useful for the Blitz mode, since you can use cards as well as normal commands. The more cards you have, the more advantages you have in the Blitz mode.

Below we give you some useful tips for controlling Halo Wars 2 at the beginning:

- The right analogue stick rotates the camera, so you can configure your view and the zoom. Use the left stick to control your cursor. Combine this with LB, you can flicker faster over the map.

- You can select units with the A key and you can deselect the selection with B. With RB, you can select all units in the field of view, and when you hold down the button, select all units.

- Once you have selected units, you can assign attack and march commands to them. Move your control to the desired position and press the X key. Once your troops are within range, they will attack.

- You can call up the leadership abilities with LT and use them to strengthen your troops. These include, for example, cures, which can be an enormous tactical advantage.

- There are two resources in Halo Wars 2: energy and supply that you need to organize your army. If you have built a base, you need to build a supply module and a generator, so that their production is established.

- With a garrison, you gain additional protection and deter opponents from attacking.

Protect your base, because if you lose it, the game is lost. In addition, you can get your two resources and train further units. Rebuilding a base after its destruction takes a long time. You can expand your base so you can build more buildings. On the battle card there are several positions for the construction of a base.

Tips for Experienced Fighters

If you have learned the basics of Halo Wars 2, then you can check out the other tips. There are other helpful control commands and important information about the advantages and disadvantages of the different units.

- You can quickly jump between multiple locations on the map by using the control pad. The lower button lets you change between the troops and the upper button sets a collection point.

- Press in the left direction to switch between your bases or the right button, so that you get directly into difficult situations.

- You can also manage groups in the control. If you have selected all units (2x RB), you can switch them with RT. If RT and a direction of the control cross are pressed, then your groups determine.

- Perform upgrades for your base so you can equip your units with special abilities. You can activate this with the Y key.

- Halo Wars 2 uses a Rock-Paper-Scissors principle. The following applies: infantry units such as Hellbringer or Marine are strong against air units, vehicles are effective against ground units and air units dominate vehicles.

- Use the groupings to help you quickly and easily take advantage of your unit types.

With these tips about Halo Wars 2, you should be prepared for the beginning. Make yourself familiar with the groupings of units, as you can save time and hustle and bustle. Does not directly attack the base as it can withstand very much. Therefore, you should attack the subsequent buildings first, as you can weaken your enemy, even if you cannot completely eliminate them. With the special abilities such as grenades, buildings can be destroyed particularly well.