Halo Wars 2: how to build a perfect Blitz Deck

Halo Wars 2 brings a popular real time strategy video game to the Windows and Xbox One. In this guide, we will show you an overview of all Blitz cards that you can buy and unlock. There are different ways to get Blitz cards. In total, you can get 94 different Blitz cards and compile the perfect deck.

The game offers you a Blitz tutorial, where you can play a round 1 vs 1 to learn the basic principles of gameplay. The main goal here is to first collect 200 points, which you gain by capturing and securing of control zones. If you are able to bring several zones into your control, you get more points. The same is true of your opponents, who should be compelled to keep zones for themselves.

However, before you take anything, you must use Blitz card to summon your units that join your battle. For the summons, you need energy resources that you can get by collecting energy cores. To the left of your mini-map, you can see your inventory of energy. You have four Blitz cards on hand, all of which have different demands on the amount of energy. Once you complete the Blitz tutorial, you will receive a card pack and a reward.

Overview of all 94 Blitz Cards

The Blitz cards are arranged in two groups. You can collect cards for Banished “Exiled” or the UNSC, to compile individual decks. The Blitz cards are in most cases directly linked to a leader. But there are also individual cards, which you can pack in every deck. There are two types of cards - unit and ability. The unit cards allow you to summon infantry, air units, and vehicles and send them directly into battle.

The ability cards let you create different effects. These can cause damage or generate buffs and debuffs. The cards are divided into different rarity levels. There are Common (gray), Uncommon (green), Rare (purple), or Legendary (gold). Among the rarest and best cards are the Legendary cards, with which you can summon very strong units. Unfortunately, you need to have a lot of resources, but it is worth.

Unlock and Buy Blitz Cards

When you enter the Blitz menu, you can buy card packs or get an overview of your own cards. You will receive card packs for completing tasks and for the completion of the tutorial you will be rewarded with a map pack, but also after each mission you’ll get one. In addition, you can buy card packs for real money.

The Commander Blitz Bundle brings you 675 cards. But moment - how useful is this when there are only a maximum of 94 cards? The cards in Halo Wars 2 have their own level system. If you get a card a second time, it will be upgraded. Over time, you need more and more duplicate cards to increase the level of a card.

If you don’t want to spend money on Halo Wars 2 Blitz cards, just keep running the campaign so you can complete as many missions as possible to get the packs as rewards. This is limited so far, but with DLCs, it will probably be possible to get more Blitz cards.