Horizon Zero Dawn: Strategy guide / Unlimited Fast Travel Tips

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world game, but at the beginning it can be explored to a limited extent. You must go further in the main process until you have fully access to all angles. We recommend that you follow the main story for as long as you reach the Meridian city.

In city you get to know all the important and interest groups, get a bunch of side quests, and you will also find the dealers for the various collectibles in the game. The latter give you special rewards for sets of metal flowers, banuk figures and ancient vessels. In the city, you will also discover the Hunter Lodge.

Unlike in other similar games, in Horizon: Zero Dawn you won’t get your weapons automatically. At the beginning, Aloy has only bow and spear. All other weapons you must buy at dealers with metal shards (ingame currency).

This should be done as early as possible, because Aloy can simultaneously equip four different weapon types and change quickly in the fight. The weapons differ greatly in their characteristics and allow you to react flexibly to situations in the fight against the machines. The machines are vulnerable to different weapons with elemental ammunition, so you should get one of the following weapon types as early as possible.

Sling: This weapon uses element bombs and has a wide range of action.

Rope Caster: This shoot a rope into the machines then you can tie down it to the ground.

Hunter’s Bow: Causes low damage and discharges element charges.

Trip Caster: Stops tripping traps that connects to two anchor points.

Sharpshot Bow: Fires slow but accurate arrows for increased damage.

Rattler: Bolt weapon that fires several bolts at a short distance with little precision.

Blast Sling: Dispels explosive bombs with different trigger mechanisms for high impact and surface damage.

Each new weapon type also unlocks a series of tutorial quests that will help you better understand how to deal with them and give you more experience.

Get the Treasure Chest from Merchants

In Horizon: Zero Dawn, you should always check Merchant’s product offer thoroughly. Especially useful is the Treasure Box, which every new dealer will give you once. This includes resources such as raw materials or high-speed travel packages.

You can find the Treasure Box in the dealer's Buy menu. In the game, you always have to get new raw materials to upgrade and ammunition. So grab them directly from any new dealer you meet in the game world.

Find Out About The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Machines

The machines are the stars of Horizon: Zero Dawn and the battles against them are among the absolute highlights of the game. Anyone who goes blind on any machine will quickly realize how challenging the fights are against them. Each machine has weaknesses and must be combated with tactics.

Each new machine you examine with your focus is listed in your notebook, which you can reach via the game menu. Here, the strengths, weaknesses and prey of each machine are listed. In addition, you can see all the components of a machine, which can be blown off with appropriate ammunition. In this way, you can use automatic shotguns.

In addition, each machine in the game can be bridged with Aloy’s spear. This means that these machines are then on Aloy’s side for a certain period of time and also fight for her. However, you must unlock the bridging for stronger machines only by completing the breeding grounds, which is displayed to you in the upper left corner of the machine's info screen.

A special feature is the machine runner, wide head and striker. These machines you can even ride after the bridging and move you faster through the game world. From the back of a machine, you can even fight and shoot with arrow and bow on enemies.

Start Hunting Animals for Meat As Early As Possible

In Horizon: Zero Dawn, you will also encounter normal animals such as boars, foxes, raccoons, turkeys or fish, but they are easily overlooked in dense vegetation. Regularly, hold on and activate your focus with the R3 key. This way, you can discover and mark animals in the surrounding area through obstacles.

Why is this so important? Only from animals you get meat for the production of medicines and don’t rely solely on the medicinal plants. However, more important are the specific skins and bones of the animal species that you need to upgrade your storage for raw materials, equipment and ammunition. This increases your capacity and allows you to take twelve, instead of just three, with the fourth and maximum upgrade stages. Unfortunately, not every animal gives you the coveted skins and bones. You have to hunt several times until your get rare bone (green) and very rare skins (blue).

How to Get Golden Fast Travel Pack (Unlock Unlimited Fast Travel)

Horizon: Zero Dawn has a fast travel function over the campfire in the game world. You can travel quickly to any campfire that you have discovered and which is then displayed as a green symbol on the map. However, you will be given a quick pack each time, which you have to produce again for 15 Ridge Wood, 1 Fatty Meat and 1 Bony Meat.

In order to save raw materials here, you will be given the Golden Fast Travel Pack that you can buy at the Hunter's Hunting Supplies Store. For the price of 50 Metal Shards, 1 Fox Skin, and 10 Fatty Meat, these items will give you the unlimited fast travel and you are no longer dependent on fast travel pack.