How to Level Up Fast and Earn More XP in Fire Emblem Heroes

In Fire Emblem Heroes, if you do well in leveling your heroes and characters then they get rewards. This will not only make it easier for you to fight, but you will also be able to permanently strengthen and adapt your hero group. As you quickly gather experience points in the training tower and climb up in the level.

In order to make your level easier, you should upgrade the castle as early as possible in the game. To do this, simply click on the lock in the main menu and then press the plus symbol in the upper right corner. The castle will help you earn more experience points with each additional level. However, you need orbs for expansion. We show you how you can easily farm Orbs. Best ways to Farm Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes

The trick to level up fast is mainly to save time. So you can turn off the support and battle sequences, so you don’t have to watch the Intro in battles. This saves time and leaves you more time for more battles.

Tips For Level Up Fast in Fire Emblem Heroes

- If you want to specifically level a particular character, you should do the final blow in a fight. This is rewarded with bonus experience.

- On the other hand, you should not neglect any of your heroes, and make sure that all characters collect XP. At least this led to a balanced company.

- Look at the levels of your heroes in the mission selection. It may well be worth it if you do missions that are two to three levels above you. You will get more XP for the battles as the opponents are stronger.

- Before the beginning of a fight, you should examine your opponents. Because only when you select the perfect team for a fight, you will be able to deal with the enemies more quickly, can fight more fights in a short time, and ultimately collect the most experience points.

A good spot for fast level up is the practice tower. Here you get additional crystals and fragments, which you can use to level up your characters.