How to Sign up Nintendo Switch & claim your favorite User ID

The handheld game console manufacture Nintendo has introduced a new registration system with its new portable game console Switch. To sign up for the Nintendo Switch, you need a user ID in the future. Unfortunately, you’ll not be able use your existing Nintendo Network ID to log on to the Nintendo Switch.

The user ID is probably the name of your friends on the Nintendo Switch. The name must be at least six digits. If you decide for lowercase and uppercase letters, you will be disappointed after saving as the entire name can only consist of lowercase letters

The user ID can be changed as desired. Unlike the PlayStation service and other services, you don’t have to pay money to change the name. Apparently, you can change the new ID as often as you want. The only exception is that there should be no duplicate user ID.

So there are now your normal Nintendo Account details, like an email address and the password, a nickname that is bound to Nintendo services as well as the Nintendo Network ID. In addition, the user ID is introduced, which can now be created or changed in your Nintendo account.

To Create or Change / Modify a user ID

You can now create a user ID, so that you can save your favorite name or increase the chance that it is still available. In addition, you can then log into your Nintendo account with the new Nintendo switch ID. The user ID already replaces the e-mail address, if you desire.

To Create A User ID:

- Click on the Nintendo registration page and log in as normal.

- Under user information you will find the user ID between your mail address and the password.

- Choose Change next to it and send a confirmation mail from Nintendo.

- After you have received it and clicked the link, you can set a new user ID.

- If you want to change it now, look again under user information and simply select Change next to User ID. After you have entered your password, you can change the ID.