In Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage, you have to solve some tasks and puzzles to unlock new wardrobe and accessories. If you want to give Aqua a new look, you will probably want to do some tasks so that you have a wide selection of clothes.

In the game menu, you'll find an overview of these tasks. However, not all tasks are shown at the beginning, so you have to look for yourself. If you are impatient and want to skip this challenge, you will find below a table that lists all the Objectives, their conditions, and the rewards.

Together with Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 you get access to Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage. Aqua is your main heroine and you can make her more beautiful than she already is. You can see which items are available in the table. There you will also find information about the places where you have to fulfill the tasks.

Objectives Unlock Conditions Locations Rewards
1Defeat 30 shadowsDark WorldFigaro
2 Defeat 45 Flatterlings Dark World Coil (Pink)
3 Defeat 40 Flame Cores Dark World Cyber Antennae
4 Defeat 30 Neoshadows Dark World Antennae
5 Defeat 20 Water Cores Dark World Mecha (Blue)
6 Defeat 20 Earth Cores Dark World Classy (Yellow)
7 Reached with Aqua Level 60 Dark World Royal Pauldron
8 Reached with Aqua Level 70 Dark World Divine Back
9 Reached with Aqua Level 80 Dark World Venus Tiara
10 Defeat 5 heartless enemies Dark World Flawless Wings
11 Defeat 30 heartlesswith fire-based magic. Dark World Cyber Blades
12 Defeat 30 heartless with ice-based magic. Dark World Blades
13 Defeat 50 heartless with thunder base magic. Dark World Mystic Pauldron
14 Use ice-based magic to create rails and lay back a long distance. Dark World Flawless Arm Guards
15 Let 5 heartlesss freeze to ice and let 5 of them burst into a thousand pieces. Dark World Grace (Purple)
16 Some heartless people are vulnerable to certain types of magnesia - exploit these weaknesses. Dark World Voltaic Arm Plate
Defeat 5 heartless ones while you are in the air.
Dark World Radiant Ornament
18 If you use Multi-focus, you will get the "Excellent" rating six times in a row. Dark World Diamond (White)
19 Defeat 50 Heartless with style change Dark World Diamond (Green)
20 Activate Spell-weaver finishing move Dark World Classy (Blue)
21 Activate Spell-weaver finishing move by putting customization items in all slots Dark World Ribbons
22 Sets an item at a wardrobe. Dark World Mecha (Pink)
23 Attack 20 street lamps Castle Town Grace (Blue)
24 Reach the highest point in Castle Town Castle Town Wings
25 Watch for meteor shower in Castle Town Castle Town Arm Guards
26 Defeat all Heartless in the Secret Room World Within Mecha (Yellow)
27 Win the encounter in the Secret Room World Within Stitching
28 Go to the riddle in the world in the mirror on the ground and get a special item. World Within Arm Plate
29 Collect the seven white gems World Within Marie
30 Find out what it has to do with the mysterious rocks in the world of mirrors World Within Lace (Crystal)
Performs a spin during the battle against Phantom Aquas .
World Within Royal Tiara
32 Defeat three Darksides Forest Of Thorns Phantom (Blue)
33 Destroy 50 ivy branches Forest Of Thorns Coil (White)
34 Find flowers that represent Flora, Fauna and Merryweather Forest Of Thorns Minnie Ears (Blue)
35 Complete 5 link attacks with King Micky Depths Of Darkness Minnie Ears (Red)
36 Defeat Demon Tower with Spellweaver Cheshire Cat Castle Town
37 Collect all treasure chests in Castle Town Castle Town Coil (Yellow)
38 Find all Lingering Memories in Castle Town Castle Town Pulse Blades
39 Collect all treasure chests in World Within World Within Minnie Ears (White)
40 Find all Lingering Memories in World Within World Within Warrior’s Arm Plate
41 Defeat the third aqua phantom without taking any damage. World Within Lustrous Wings
42 Complete the secret boss "Rush" World Within Tiara
43 Find all Zodiac Relics World Within Pauldron
44 Collect all treasure chests in the Forest Of Thorns Forest Of Thorns Diamond Pattern
45 Find all Lingering Memories in the Forest Of Thorns Pulse Feeler Forest Of Thorns
46 Use the guide rail without taking any damage. Forest Of Thorns Feather Guard
47 Defeat "Darkside" without taking any damage Forest Of Thorns Flower Race
48 Collect all treasure chests in Forest Of Thorns Forest Of Thorns Grace (Pink)
49 Find all Lingering Memories in the Depths Of Darkness Depths Of Darkness Iron Ornament
50 Link with Mickey to defeat Demon Tower Depths Of Darkness Polkadots
51 Defeat the Devil’s Wave in Critical Mode Destiny Islands Crisscross

If you manage to solve all the tasks, you will be rewarded with a trophy .


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