Nintendo Switch: How to Take, Delete, Edit, Share Screenshots

The Switch is the newest handheld game console from the manufacturer. Just like other consoles, it is also possible on the Switch to take screenshots and then share them in social networks. In our guide below, we will show you how it works.

How to Take a Screenshot on Nintendo Switch

If you want to take screenshots with the Nintendo Switch to capture great moments, then this is very easy. Here's how it goes:

- Take a closer look at the Joy-Con controller on the left.

- Here you can find a screenshot button, which is under the four control-buttons.

- The screenshot button is square and there is a circle in the middle

- Here you just have to press the right button at the right moment to take a screenshot.

In the upper left corner of the screen, you will get a message after you take the screenshot, similar to the PlayStation. So you also know that the image really ends up in the screenshot folder.

You will find the screenshot (s) when you go back to the main menu, where you can find the overview of your games. There are six buttons under your games. The first is "News", the second is the "Nintendo eShop" and the third one with the blue theme is the "Album" button, where you can now view all your screenshots.

Nintendo Switch - Edit, Delete and Share Screenshots

In the following, we will show you how to edit, delete or share your captured screenshots with the Nintendo switch.

- Filtering images: Y can be used to arrange or filter the screenshots in the album folder. So you have a better overview and can find certain screenshots better and faster.

- Deleting Images: Deleting the screenshots is easy. If you have selected a picture in the picture overview under "Album", then you just have to press X and the blurred screenshot is already deleted.

- Edit pictures: So far, you can edit your screenshots only in the form that you can add them with a text that is 100 characters long. So write a funny saying under the picture, if you want. You can change the color of the font as well as the size and can rotate the lettering as desired and place where you think it is right in the picture.

- Share pictures: After you have done the editing, you can share the screenshot in social networks by pressing "Post".

In addition, you can copy any screenshots on the Nintendo Switch even if you want to keep an original without writing. This makes it possible to drag images from the MicroSD card to the system memory. Until now, only about 1,000 images fit into the system memory.