Nioh: Find / Farm Quality and Rare Crafting Materials

In Nioh, you can craft your own weapons and armor with the necessary recipes and materials. In order to get the finest quality materials you have to make targeted hunting for special monsters. In addition, there is the trophy Masters of Quality that you will get for collecting materials. In this guide, we will show you all the possibilities for material procurement and show you the locations of all crafting items.

Find Rare Materials

In Nioh, there are three ways to get materials.

- By disassembling unnecessary tools in weapon forging. To do this, you have to select Disassemble at Senji Tome and then see for each item in the window on the right, which material you will extract when disassembling.

- By completing missions and particularly the difficult twilight missions, you sometimes get the best and finest materials in Nioh.

- Rare Materials are also drop by enemies in missions. (Tip! To increase the chance of material drops by enemies, the tree spirit “Kodama” helps you. Once you have found five Kodama of the Blessing type in a region, you can increase your chance of material drops by up to 25%. In addition, you can invest your Reputation Points in the Ungyo category to improve your object balance. This also increases your chance of getting more items from enemies.)

Get Better Components Through Material Conversion

By disassembling normal (white) equipment, you will receive only inferior components. For this case, you can happily select the material conversion from the "Weapon smith" under the item "Utensils". Here you can then convert x units of a lower quality material into a unit of a higher grade material. For example: for wood this looks as follows.

- 10x Wood - 1x Quality Wood
- 7x Quality Wood - 1x High-Quality Wood
- 5x High-Quality Wood - 1x Highest-Quality Wood

So you see, it is always worth collecting also inferior equipment. Through the material conversion, you can recycle everything and make the best components for the best equipment. However, this applies only to the basic components. You will receive special and unique materials only as a mission reward or from certain monsters.

If you want to know which materials you get by disassembling what equipment, take a look at the following table. Note that the individual weight classes of the armor are abbreviated by L (Light), M (Medium), and H (Heavy) in the game.

Wood - Speer, Riffle and bow

Ingot - Axe, Handcannon, Foot Armor (H)

Lacquer - Head Armor (L/M/H)

Tamahagane - Katana, Dual Katana, Kusarigama

Leather Cord - Arm Armor (L/M/H)

Leather Kozane - Torso Armor (L), Leg Armor (L), Foot Armor (L)

Iron Kozane - Torso Armor (M/H), Leg Armor (M/H), Foot Armor (M)

Locations of Special Materials

In addition to the basic components, there are also special and unique materials, which are obtained exclusively through enemies’ drops in missions. The following table shows you the locations.

Demon’s Horn - Dropped by large Monsters (Yokai Or one-eyed oni)

Writing Tongue - Mission Reward, Twilight Missions

Bangasa Rib - Twilight Mission "An Ominous Cave" (Level 20)

Nue’s Claw - Drop from Nue bosses Monster

Hank of Yokai Hair - Twilight Mission "An Ominous Cave" (Level 20)

Ogress Claw - Twilight Mission "The bleeding spider lily” (Level 90)

Raven Tengu Feather - Mission Reward, Twilight Missions or as dropped from Raven Tengu.

White Tiger Fur - Twilight Mission “The Best and the Worst” (Level 75)

Eyestone of the Umi bozu - Twilight Mission “Foreboding Seas” (Level 49)

Leg Husk of the Spider - Drop From Boss monster Jorogumo

Gargantuan Tail Bone - Mission Reward, Twilight Missions

All Kodama Locations