Nioh: Find / how to get your Guardian Spirit - Locations

At the beginning of Nioh, you have the option to select one of three guardian spirit to accompany you on the adventure. But as you progress you can unlock all the guardians and switch between them at any time at the shrine. Because only one of the 22 Guardian Spirit can be active at a time. A tough decision, because they have a variety of bonuses that we would have. In this guide we will show you the locations and characteristics of these guardian spirits.

By defeating opponents or looting items during missions, the circular in the upper left corner shows your Guardian Spirit fills. If it is full and begins to flash, you can trigger the animated weapon by pressing the triangle at the same time. This will greatly strengthen your weapon for a short time and will also make it invulnerable.

The stamina (KI) bar is replaced during this time with the animated weapon, which slowly decreases over time. Any damage caused by monsters is also affected this display, so it is important to avoid the buff as long as possible. Through kills, you can keep the buff running longer and fill the bar again.

4x Fire - Guardian Spirit (red)
5x Water - Guardian Spirit (blue)
4x Earth - Guardian Spirit (purple)
5x Wind - Guardian Spirit (green)
4x Lightning - Guardian Spirit (yellow)

Elements and How to Get / Locations of all Guardian Spirits

The guardian spirits are all free in the course of the main and sub missions. So it is also worthwhile to take on the side missions for the conservationists as soon as they are available. You cannot miss them, because all missions can be repeated as often as you like. The list gives you an overview of all guardian spirits elements and locations.

1. Kato (Fire) - Available from the beginning or from the sub mission The Three Angry Gods (level 31) in the Chugoku region.

2. Hi-Nezumi (Fire) - the sub mission at (level 43) in the Chugoku region

3. Enko (Fire) - the sub mission Demon Hunting in Kinki Region

4. Suzaku (Fire) - Main Mission Immortal Flame (level 96) in the Sekigahara region

5. Isonade (Water) - Available from the beginning or from the sub mission The Three Angry Gods (level 31) in the Chugoku region

6. Mizuchi (water) - Sub mission Kanbei and the Overlord (level 18) in the Kyushu region

7. Usura Hicho (water) - Main Mission Falling Snow (Level 55) in the Kinki Region

8. Genbu (water) - Complete the Samurai From Sawayama

9. Saoirse (water) - Main Mission Demon King Revealed (level 135) in Omi

10. Fuse Ushi (earth) - Main Mission Deep in the Shadows (level 12) in Kyushu Region

11. Itokuri (earth) - Main mission Spider Nest Castle (level 47) in the Kinki region

12. Narikama Tanuki (earth) - At the transition from Tokai to Sekigahara

13. Shinka (earth) - Complete the sub mission The Rising Shadows in Tokai Region

14. Daiba-Washi (wind) - Available from the beginning or from the sub mission The Three Angry Gods (level 31) in the Chugoku region

15. Aya-Komori (wind) - Sub mission The Conspirators (level 45) in the Chugoku region

16. Yatagarasu (wind) - Complete The Silent Crow

17. Izuna (wind) - Main mission A Defiled Holy Mountain (level 120) in Omi region

18. Tengen Kujaku (wind) - Mission The Demon King Revealed (Level 135) in the region of Omi

19. Raiken (Lightning):Complete sub mission A Request from Ginchiyo in Kyushu Region

20. Gyokuto (Lightning) - Main Mission Memories of Death Lillies (Level 78) in the Tokai region

21. Kara-Jishi (Lightning) - Main mission Sekigahara (level 103) in the Sekigahara region

22. Atlas Bear (Lightning) - Main mission The Samurai from Sawayama (Level 127) in the Omi region

What is the best Guardian Spirit in Nioh?

It is difficult to find the best Guardian Spirit in Nioh since they have different elements; it is useful to change them according to the situation. For example, if you are traveling in an area with many water monsters, it is logical to have a fire guardian spirit.

Keep in mind that your Guardian Spirit protection spirits can change at any time at the shrine via the item "Change Guardian Spirit". Here you can compare them among each other. In our case, we were running around the game "Raiken", especially at the beginning of the game. The dog has high values in almost all areas and therefore, we can recommend the Lightning spirit.