Nioh: guide on how to play Co-op / Multiplayer

Whether with your friends or strangers on the internet, Nioh allows you to play co-op game similar to Dark Souls through a conjuring system. Alternatively, you can start missions together but there are a few disadvantages. We will show you in guide how you can play Nioh in the co-op and start the multiplayer.

A few things you should know before you start the multiplayer features in Nioh:

- Coop and multiplayer are limited to a maximum of two players. So you can only play with another person simultaneously and cannot call several friends.

- For any multiplayer activity in the game, you need to be a member of PlayStation Plus.

How to Summon / Be Summoned / Invite Players in Nioh

If you are on your own in one of the missions of Nioh and need help, then you can call other players through the following steps.

- Interact with one of the shrines in the missions.
- Select the summon visitor feature.
- Determine the amount of Ochoko Cups you want to offer.
- Wait until a player is summoned to your world.

To Start or Join Missions

If you want to play a mission together from the beginning, this is also possible. You can do this as follows.

- Select Torii-Gate from the menu on the world map.

- Then, go to the Yokai Realm with a companion section, and then invite friends and specify additional settings for difficulty and mission. In addition, you can set a password so you can be guaranteed in the game.

- If you want to join the game of another player, choose Random and then invade the world of another player.

Unfortunately, the co-op mode also has some disadvantages. So you can only play missions that both players have already completed in the single player. A common experience and experience of Nioh from beginning to end is unfortunately not possible. Even if both players are on the same mission, each player must play a completely new mission on their own and complete before they are unlocked in the co-op mode.