Nioh: quick Gold farming methods, spots, tips and strategy

Gold is one of the there currencies that you will find in Nioh and if you want to forge the best weapons or armor, then you need a lot of it. Good farm spots can be found in the Kyushu region.

Earn Quick Gold at The Beginning Of Nioh

This quick gold farming method works very early in the game as well as in the New Game Plus. In doing so you should dedicate to the sub mission A Request From Ginchiyo in the Kyushu region. Depending on whether you are in the first game or you are in the New Game Plus, you will receive the following gold rewards for the completion of the mission.

Normal - Level 21: 12, 000 Gold and  New Game Plus - Level 165: 111,400 Gold

You can complete this sub mission within few minutes, because all you have to do is find a certain chest in the level, which can be at three possible spawn points. So just go to the three possible places and see if the chest is there. You can ignore the enemies as soon as you find and open the chest, all the enemies in the level die and you have successfully completed the mission.

The possible spawn points of the chest are:

- Upstairs in the house on the right at the end of the staircase.

- When you pass the house on the upper left and follow the path into the mountain, you can open a stone door on the left. Go down the two ladders to get to the site with another possible chest.

- At the start of the level, go down the catacombs to the left and follow the path to the end. In the last room, the chest can be placed in the left corner.

Depending on which spawn of the chest you get, you can complete the mission faster or slower, but on average you can finish the mission within two minutes. Begin with the chest at the top and then run the spawn points down as shown in the listing above. (Tip: You can also speed up the whole thing by playing the mission together with a friend in the Coop. This way you can find them faster).

Each round you’ll get 12,000 and 111, 4000 gold respectively. It is an effective and time saving way to earn gold quickly. The exact procedure and the spawn points of the chest can also be seen in the following video.

Once we have found more gold farming methods, we will expand this article accordingly.