Paladins: Best / Strongest and Weakest Champions 2017

In this guide to Paladin, we have listed the strong and weakest champions in the game right now. This tier list reflects how strongly the performance of a respective champion is judged in the game. The champions can move frequently on the list when new patches are released.

The Six Best and Strongest Champions Tierlist

The following champions are highly rated by the players at the moment. The order of the champions is randomly selected and does not give any score between them.

- Cassie: The Hunter's Daughter belongs to the damage class. She has long been considered one of the strongest champions in the game and is often preferred by players. She distributes powerful damage and gains a lot of card control through her Ultimate.

- Evie: The Winter Witch is difficult to catch because of her extremely high mobility. With a Blink she slips you or simply swings her staff and rushes away. Your normal attack causes great damage, but it is difficult to hit.

- Maeve: She is the newest champion in the game and with her extremely mobile ability she can quickly reach areas faster than the other champions. Although she is classified as a flanker and her abilities are designed, she distributes high damage. Maeve is fast and hard to pack as she has many agility skills.

- Torvald: The Runic Sage was classified as too weak shortly after his appearance, as he has little mobility and no escape characteristics. In fact, he does not need them at all. He is capable of constantly recharging his gauntlet in a relatively short period of time - which makes him almost impossible to kill. His ultimate blows an entire team away and has a low cooldown. In addition, the runic energy supplies his team with strong protection.

- Mal’damba: Wekono's chosen has the ability to wipe out other damage masters at the top. He has an extremely powerful kit of damage, healing and AOE and a valuable Ultimate that hunts opponents and increases damage. Many players currently consider him too strong.

- Makoa: The turtle who has very strong health pool and a wide hit box. His Ultimate is able to free a complete payload from enemies and take control there.

The following Champions are slightly worse than those of the above champions but they are tricky opponents.

Sha Lin

The Weakest Champions in Paladins

The following champions are currently classified as weak and easy to counter.

- Grohk: Weak deceleration, Ultimate flatten compared to others
- Skye: Just by countering objects, with a little coordination can simply take her.

The remaining heroes, who are not mentioned here, are neither very good nor particularly bad.