Paladins: PvE - tactics / tips to defeat Tortoise Power

A new PvE mode was added recently to Paladins, called Tortoise Power. This is where you fight the Teenage Mutant Ninja Makoas and their master Pip. As in the last PvE mode, your opponents are made up of bots, which must be defeated with the right strategy.

The abilities of the bots have been increased in terms of percentage, which makes them especially challenging. The four Makoas have a greater range for their hooks and lower cooldown ability. Pip comes with more life and extra speed.

Crowd control is particularly effective in this PvE mode

A proven strategy in Tortoise Power is to choose champions to bring the crowd control. Particularly effective here is the Champion Bomb King with his sticky bombs ability. This allows throwing a bomb every 0.6 seconds, where 2 seconds of enemies remain. A total of 6 bombs can be active, causing 900 damages after an explosion.

So you can keep the Makoas under control while your tanks try to take the control point. If you have stuck many Makoas with your sticky bombs, roll in with your King Bomb and distributes real damage. The King Bomb deals 2,500 damages to the opponents, pushes you back and stuns enemies. However, the most important thing is that the King bomb ignores shields. Makoas shield is ignored.

Take Pip to the Bomb King, as his ability Explosive Pistol slows down your opponents considerably. This makes it even easier for the Bomb King to place his sticky bombs correctly. In addition, you should equip the two with Morale Boost cards before the match, which will allow you to recharge your ultimate abilities faster.

You will find the PvE mode under Casual Game

Leya says: In the future, more PvE modes will be added to Paladins. However, So far, it is not yet known whether there will be more modes to compete against bots. The Tortoise Challenge was a challenge for me and it took me a while to get a benefit. Pip worked well for me with his skills, and when my team got a bombing, it was actually a bit better. I find the mode very fun, the PvE battle is a welcome change and recommended. Another advantage: You can raise your champions well here.