Replace Battery and Play Longer: Nintendo Switch

Switch, the latest portable game console from Nintendo comes with a pretty low battery life and you cannot replace them on your own. The battery pack is firmly installed and cannot be removed without screwing and disassembling. The Nintendo offers the service to change the battery but you must pay for it. Clearly, there are cases where the costs are more, but the case is really rare for controllers, because wear is not taken into account in the guarantee.

The technically gifted users probably can replace the battery but this also involves risks. If you do it in the guarantee period, then you risk losing any claim to benefits. After expiration of the warranty period it is not "start free to replace the battery", because if you are not familiar with the subject, you can destroy much more than you would repair again.

A further possibility will surely come up with time and console pros may offer such small repairs possibly cheaper than Nintendo itself.

Best Power Banks to Recharge Nintendo Switch Battery

If the Nintendo Switch battery is not broken, but dying too quickly then you do not necessarily have to change it. You can make sure that the battery in the device is simply recharged. There is a good old method: the Power bank. There are now suppliers who offer Power banks for the Nintendo switch. The important is that the USB port carries the type C and of course a high number of mAh is super. The following models are an example:

- IMuto: USB-C Power bank for the Nintendo Switch (16750mAh): iMuto says that this Power bank is well suited, but we found in our search for another device of this company. The iMuto 30000mAh external battery costs a bit more, but almost doubled the mAh. However, the ratings of both machines are convincing.

- Jackery - Quick Charge 2.0 (20100 mAh): If you are lucky and quickly accesses, now you can get this device much cheaper.

- AUKEY – USB-C External battery 30000mAh: Here we have a fairly high price, but with many mAh. To charge the battery of a Nintendo Switch, this Power bank is very good and you don’t have to change a battery.

Currently a Power bank is the only solution if you want to play on the Nintendo Switch longer. Actually, it is nothing new that you cannot easily change batteries of controllers or handhelds.


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