Resident Evil 7 Bedroom (New DLC) Walkthrough

The first and the latest DLC to Resident Evil 7, Banned Footage Vol. 1, provides the bedroom tape. This is an episode that you stepping into shoe of Clancy Javis. So you finally learn what happened to the camera man from the demo after he was caught by the Bakers.

Bedroom: Clock, Drawers and Picture Puzzles

You start in a room of the main house. Marguerite enters and brings you something to eat. After all, her daughter may like you and want her to become her big brother. For this to work, you must eat well. Of course you don’t! This meal you leave out and in response you choose what you want, because it has no effect on the following event. As soon as the mother leaves the room, you proceed as follows:

- Take the spoon from the table and open your shackles. Then remove the lamp from the hook.

- Go to the clock to the left of the bed and interact with it and grab the pointer.

- Now go to the clock on the right side of the door. Open it with the pointer and take the picture. Now you must be fast. When the door of the clock closes, the lamp hangs again on the hook and off to bed. Shackles and waits.

- As soon as the mother has left the room, you unleash yourselves again. Grab the lamp again and run right to the barrel. Take the picture and then walk to the wall at the altar. Here is another picture. Take this too. Now you have to hang the pictures in the correct order on the wall.

- The book opens and you grab the sewing needle. Very important! Now you have to remove all the images from the wall again, hang the round left and place the big one on the drum again.

- There are two drawers in the dressing table, which you can open but never open the right side one because you cannot close it again and the witch will notice that. In the left you can find a note.

- If you open the clock, you will know the time - 5 o'clock should be. Go to the small clock to the left of the bed and use the sewing needle to set the clock to five.

- The bed goes to the side and now you need to do nothing more, than to interact with the clock again to change it back again. Fast the lamp to the hook and off to bed. Mama Baker comes back and offers you an alternative meal.

All Rats Locations and the Door Code

If you want to find all the rats in the bedroom, then you have to eat the second meal. So grab the fork and the cooker from the tray, leave the bed and get the lamp off the hook. Cost of the delicious dish and then investigates it again. There you will find one of the three rats. You can also watch the second rat, because you don’t have to collect them. You will find it on the left side of the bed.

Now you can devote yourself to the bedroom and its puzzles. The first thing you should consider is the note you found under the bed. The gray box shows you what it is. You can now look at them in peace. As long as you do nothing further, Marguerite will not return.

- Grab the painting from the barrel again and the round from the wall. Now it is in a different order: First Untitled Painting A, in the center Untitled Painting B and on the far right Untitled Painting C.

- The book on the altar opens again and you will find the code for the lock on the door. If you look at your fork and your spoon exactly, you will find the symbols snake and apple. The door code is thus snake - apple leaf.

- Take the paintings off the wall and bring them back to the original position. Round painting on the left of the wall and the big square on the barrel. Go to the door with the lock and enter the code. Now you can enter the storeroom.

- In the storeroom you go first to the tall closet in front of you. On top of that, you'll find the third and last of the rats you're looking for, and the Achievement Ratcatcher is added into your collection.

Find a Knife and Solve A Shadow Puzzle

When you have arrived in the storeroom and have checked the last rat, go to the back corner where you find a clothes rack. There is a note in the jacket pocket, which tells you that a knife must be hidden somewhere in the premises. Go through the storage room first.

- With the fork you can open the doors of the chest of drawers. In it you will find solid fuel, which you must combine in your menu with the stove .

- Next you go to the dressing table and examine the vase. Inside is a lighter. Take it out and it added into your inventory.

- Now go to the barrel and take the picture. Place the stove and the plate and light the solid fuel with the lighter.

- There is a loud bang and Mama Baker is alerted again. But before you go to bed, you should not forget to put the picture back on the drum. Before that you have to remove the stove. The lamp must go back to the hook and off to bed.

- As soon as the mother has left the room, you grab the lamp and go to the barrel. Remove the picture and then remove the corkscrew from the bottle. You can put the picture back on the barrel to create space in the inventory.

- Now go to the hook, where the lamp hung and screw the cork with the corkscrew. You can find another hook in the storage room. You also screw it off. Combine the two items in the menu.

- Grab the knife, which is hidden behind the dressing table to the right of the door to the storage room. And go to the projector. Now you can cut the red tape.

- Place the lamp in the projector and go to the thicker column on which you place the combination of the hooks. The following picture shows you how to do it.

- Place the fork on the thin column near the projector and align it as shown in the following image.

The cage goes up and you can take the snake key. Re-equip the knife and leave the storeroom. Marguerite will attack you, but you will defend her with a knife. Now run to the clock next to the bed and move the bed so you can get to the floor hatch. She opens it and walks along the underground corridor. Congratulations, you have escaped from the bedroom ... Or not? After all, Mama Baker called you Lucas for no reason!