Sniper Elite 4: The beginner's guide and tips

In the fourth installment of the Sniper Elite game series, you play as Karl Fairburne, a sniper fighting in a large and open Italy. There is also a large weapon selection. So you usually sneak through the settlements and kill your enemies silently with a normal knife or your sniper. If several enemies are on you, it may be an MP (Sub-machine Gun). If you've been to the pre-orders, bought a special edition of the game or purchased the Season Pass, then you'll get some more weapon skins to upgrade your shotgun.

Sniper Elite 4 comes with some innovations. As already mentioned, the maps are not only larger, but also more vertical. Karl can hold edges and climb up. This means that you can explore even more. Keep your eyes on collectibles. As usual, they are very well hidden. In Sniper Elite 4, you can also find some of them as a loot of dead soldiers you just defeated. So search as many enemies as you have eliminated.

Search The Map Thoroughly

If you know Sniper Elite game series already, you know: In this game you have to keep your peace and plan your next steps carefully. Use Karl’s binoculars to check every corner of the map. Also remember that your opponent can reach you from above, under and beside. You will also find many enemy infantry hide in balconies. You can also select opponents. Then they will be displayed in your HUD.

To introduce the new ability of climbing, you can also unlock new map sections. Look for edges, where Karl can hold on and climb up. If you see ladders, you should use them directly.

Look For Cover And Walk Slowly

Sounds are an important issue in the game. In order to have the best experience, you should use headphones. Pay attention to the noise in your environment. They will give you good clues as to where the enemies are. But beware! You also make sounds. For this reason you should use your gun only when a plane is flying above or during a laud noise.

If you have no other sounds you can use as a camouflage, you should use bullets that reduce the volume to a minimum. Move slowly and don’t run over a long distance. If you run quickly, your stamina will be consumed. Seek cover to recover your stamina and briefly get an overview of the situation.

Play With Your Friends In The Co-op

If you cannot continue in one place, you can invite a friend. The single player you can play with a friend in the Co-op. And since 4 eyes are known to see more than 2, the search for collective objects is also much more effective in this way.