Sniper Elite 4: Find all Collectibles letters, reports, eagles

Sniper Elite 4, the latest installment in the Sniper Elite game series brings new possibilities of discovery through the open world character. In the game, you have to search every corner of the map. We recommend the new coop mode. Invite a friend and take a closer look at Italy. Hundreds of collectibles are hidden here - letters, reports and stone eagles can be found everywhere and bring you valuable achievements.

The collectables can be found in many places. You will find the letters in camps, around which you’ll find some enemies. In order to tell a story, you need to find all letters to home, letters from home and finally last letters. The latter will only be found at the end of each mission so that the chronology makes sense. You should look for the stone eagles on houses and tower roofs. They are quite large and can see from distant. We recommend that you first search for a high point at the beginning of each mission, where you can mark your enemies and other targets, and search for the stone eagles.

The sniper reports can be found in typical places of snipers. In the first mission we could only find a single report. Therefore, they are very rare and resemble the letters. However, the towers are the best places to find the reports made by other snipers. With the new mechanics with which Karl can climb, the maps become more vertical and offer scope for this collectible object.

In addition to the collectible objects, there are secondary objectives (Deadeye Targets). These will appear on the map. For example: in mission 1 you’ll find three Deadeye Targets. Search them and work them with your ammunition.

All Collectibles in Mission 1- San Celini Island

All Collectibles in Mission 2 - Bitanti Village